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Leisure Lakes

 WHEN I THINK OF LEISURE LAKES I THINK about my first time fishing there. I was 15 yrs old, I had ran into a friend that I used to know. Well I had seen him in his car one day it was fully loaded with fishing gear, and this was an older man. I had to ask him what you doing, he had said that he was going to a paylake. I said really there's no paylakes around here, and he said there's one in chatam over by Springfield. Well I had said can I go with you he said
    sure hop in, we made it. I couldn't believe it this would be my first time fishing at a paylake. I was so excited, there were 2 lakes 1 in front and the other was clear in the back, down a windy road. The prices were good and if you
needed any kind of bait, tackle or food they had it. Well anyways I had took out my poles he had told me to go over there by the over head canopy looking things. I did, baited up threw my line out with a worm and a bobber, not even a minute I caught a 4lb channel cat. Well I had did it again same spot boom another 1 less in a min, I had caught a min of 5 channel cats between 10 to 15 min tops just like that. These channel cats were ranging between 4 to 10lbs  
    as I remember I was very excited. What had kept me going back to this place is ,it was the same day he was at the front lake he had made some special bait, I think him for this recipe. Well anyways he baited up with this stuff now
 keep it in mind this was homemade bait and he had 50lb test line on this pole. He threw it out in the middle and in 20 minutes time nothing now keep it in mind we have been there awhile I caught my 5 just like that but it wasn't working for him. Anyway in that time frame when we were about ready to leave, boom he had stood up. I forgot were I was at but I ran over there I thought he got a snag because the tip of his pole was bent to his reel. As he was reelin, kept
on asking him you have a snag he said no look at my tip of the pole it was tapping, bent down to his reel, keep in mind he had his drag set and using 50lb test line wh en he had reeled a few more times the fish wen't straight out and snapped his line with drag set.. I am 35yrs old I haven't caught that big 1 yet like my friend had that day but I'm still trying. But I HAVE CAUGHT some nice fish out of those lakes and still trying to get the big one. But I will tell you this I recommend anybody to come to leisure lakes because its fun clean friendly environment. Says JOHN K.

Leisure lake is a wondeerful place takin care of the fish in the lakes. The staff is very nice. My wife and I went on 6/19/09 and caught fish. Good luck fishing. Says Charles Cutrell

I been fishing leisures lakes my entire life I'm 37 now and have always caught my limits on catfish. My entire family makes trips to the ponds. My biggest fish so far is a 30lb flathead, still hoping for all the 50plus pounds ones I have seen put in the ponds over the last 20 years and the good part is over 20lbs get put back in the ponds so everyone has a good chance to get the big one, most of what I catch is 3 to 8 lb. channel and flathead catfish. If you're looking for a great spot for a family fishing day, this is a place. You will always love. I hope it stays open for many more years to come. I look forward to taking my son there when he is old enough to fish. At least for now my son being 8 months old he gets to watch for now lol. Says lance flynn

When I think of Leisure Lakes I think of a great place to fish for good size catfish. The price you pay to use the lake is well worth it. Last year I caught three keepers that were 8 inches long. As I remember you can pay for either day of night fishing, but when I went I fished during the day. There is ample shade from trees and awnings. Of course the only problem with trees that provide shade is there is a potential problem with snagging your line against a tree limb. Overall though I would highly suggest fishing at Leisure Lakes in Springfield. There are two lakes you can fish in and you can drive your vehicle right up to the lakes. My Mom even drove her large RV through their road that wraps around the lakes. So go ahead and take the troops. You will have a better chance at catching a fish at Leisure Lakes than any other lake that I can think of in Central Illinois because the owners stock the lakes. Says Bill Swisher


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