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Spring Valley Reservoir

 I disagree with the viewers. The lake is a nice lake and I never saw any trash on the docks and there was no ''pot heads'' either and with the society today there will be druggies everywhere, and it is a safe place to camp. There is no problem with people, everyone in our little communities respect one another and knows each other. Says Anonymous

Just got back form Spring Valley today. I would rate the facilities a negative number. IFW needs to go look.
    THe water is good and so was the fishing. I would be afraid to camp there though, as there were tons of trash and people who I would graciously call pot-heads at 8 am. I assume not a safe place to camp. Too bad. Will be calling State
of Idaho on Monday. Supposed to be someone living there and taking care of things. Not anyone around. 6/19/11 Says Tony

The Reservoir is a great place for a nice walk around the lake or a quick swim with the kids. The preceding reviewers are correct, however, the hosts are doing a horrible job of keeping up with park maintenance. There were literally piles of beer cans littering many of the fishing spots around the reservoir. It is sad to see us paying for
    people to live there for free and have them skimp on their jobs. Says Terry Grubham

Spring Valley is a great place for families who would like to enjoy recreational activities at a small but comfortable reservoir in the heart
 of the great Northwest. I perceive myself as quite an outdoors-man and I'd recommend Spring Valley to anyone who likes fishing, hiking, swimming, or maybe just enjoying the outdoors. Says Michael

I agree. Spring Valley Reservoir needs some work. Docks need a few boards replaced and some deck screws. The fish cleaning station was crushed by heavy snow and remains in a pile of broken wood. Old burn piles need cleaned up. The water system needs repaired. Very
bad. Says Larry

Spring Valley Reservoir has been a place I have visited since I was a young child and now I have introduced it to my children. Unfortunately the past few times I have visted the reservoir it has increasingly become more and more of a disappointment. Although there are ''camp hosts'' that are designated for the area they are not available and the swim beach, restrooms, trails are littered and vandalized. When we have used the area for camping there have been individuals speeding in and out of the park, partying all hours of the night and the camp hosts do not intervene. I have yet to see them interact with guest of Spring Valley nor have I seen them working on the area. I assume that they are being allowed to live there without costs in trade for taking care of and monitoring the area. I think this should be reviewed by the State especially if our tax dollars are going for upkeep and care of this valuable and beautiful reservoir. Says Lorene Middleton


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