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Fish Lake

 The first time I was at Fish Lake there were 12 moose in the lake. Another nice lake before you drop down to Lake Creek is when you get top Oregrand Summit, turn left and go about 2 miles, and you will come to Wildhorse Lake. Says Bill

I was born and raised in Lewiston. I remember back in the fifties going to Fish Lake with my dad and uncles on fishing and hunting trips.... Back then it was about a seven mile hike into the lake. Always had a lot of fun
    there. We always took horses. Left Idaho in the early sisxties and have never been back. Would like to visit Fish lake again someday but probably never will. Says Dennis - New Mexico

No runway at this Fish Lake Says Ely

I want to fly in to the lake. Anyone have pic's of the run way and the area.... Says Will

I have been to fish lake numerous times. Follow Buffalo Hump rd from Oregrande summit, down to Lake Creek. There follow Lake Creek trail about 3 miles or less to Fish Lake. This route is Calender Canyon. An easy walk. Not steep. Beautiful scenery, and when you get to Fish Lake, don't be surprised to see Moose. I have seen 6 at a time on the lake. A special place to me, as I and my late wife used to go there. Says Terry...Wisconsin



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