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Dale Maffit Reservoir

 Can anyone tell me with certainty if the bodies from the cemetery are  where the headstones are? Or are they under the lake?  Says Karen

Is this a good lake to go to with your family? Says Pam

I wish that they could open more area's for fishing.. I've caught my first 7lb large mouth bass there.. Says Don

Would like to know names or sources I could contact for interveiw for profile of lake and its history for a school project. Says Natalie

    reservoir was built during the depression as a back up water supply. The grave stones in the park do not actually hold people. The stones were moved up on top of the hill when they proceeded to flood it. The coffins were not moved
so they are somewhere out in the lake. Kind of creepy but that is what I have learned in 35 years of fishing there. Says Mark

Would like to know the history of the reservoir. And how it came about. Says Melody Weyer



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