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Yonah Lake

 Yonah lake is very special to me. Because it's my childhood. It's where I learned to swim. And where me and my Grandpa Lovell. Shared life. He taught me how to set and run a trotline, how the catfish talked to you. And I could even clean them almost as good as my Grandpa. Catching brim to use for cut bait. It all was good and fun. Esp. Cleaning them. And frying them for breakfast, and lunch and supper. O our Coleman cook stove. And fried potatoes. And the smell
    of breakfast sausage in the morning. To see the quietness of the morning lake. And the wildlife. God's beautiful mother nature. And me sleeping on a sleeping bag, in the floor of the old GMC truck. And Grandpa sleeping in the seat
of the truck. There was nothing else mattered. I was in my element for sure. Never going to sleep. Because I thought Grandpa would leave me. Around the 1 o'clock checking of the nightly trotlines. No-way. I was up before him. And get back to lay down again, and the sound of the whistle coming from the Tugaloo power damn. Was exciting. Because I knew it would soon be morning. To check our trot-lines and bank hooks. One morning I woke up with a head full of  
    bubble-gum in my hair. Grandpa went crazy. I had to go home. I cried. Grandpa never bought me anymore gum. When we went fishing. But yonah and Tugaloo lakes are very special to me. A love shared by my Grandpa Lovell. A man who was
 very special to me. And will always be in my heart always. In loving memory of my Grandpa Lovell JACK A.LOVELL..BY Voncyle Shirley Towe. Says Voncyle Towe


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