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Simmons Lake

 My father had a home in the Echo Lake subdivision in the 1960's and the way I remember what happened to Simmons Lake was that that after Lakeside High School was built the earthen dam that held back Simmons Lake broke and that was pretty much the end of the lake. It wasn't repaired. The small lake next to Briarcliff Road was a separate lake that was fed from Simmons lake and in turn fed Echo Lake. This small lake appears from an aerial photograph to have nearly
    silted in. The culvert under Briarcliff Road from the small lake to Echo Lake was a favorite haunt for chasing snakes and turtles. I remember Echo Lake being dredged in the 1960's. Back then there was little Echo Lake at the other
end of Echo Lake and it no longer exists. Little Echo Lake had a concrete dam that failed a couple of times and I suppose was given up on. The homes in Echo Lake subdivision sold in the 20-25K range. This area was a perfect place for my brother and me to spend summers. Dad told me years later that he wouldn't see us until dinner time in the summer because we spent all day doing things around these lakes. Says Karl Groweg

Just thought you should know
    this, but Simmons Lake essentially doesn't exist anymore. I'm an Atlanta native who grew up in DeKalb County and attended Lakeside High School; back when I was a teenager I saw work done on the neighboring Echo Lake, which is surrounded
 by nice middle-class homes. From what I can tell, the lake was dredged, I guess in order to save it, and Simmons Lake (across Briarcliff Road) was essentially sacrificed for its sake, taking the excess silt from Echo Lake. There's still a small pond there, quite shallow, in the areas closet to Briarcliff Road and Echo Lake, but nothing like what I once knew; over the years even the trees and undergrowth have reclaimed most of the area the lake had once covered when I was a boy Says Jeff Blanks


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