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Crystal Lake

 The best date I ever had was being taken to Crystal Lake. Watched fire works after a day swimming. It was 1974 and I left my up north home on graduation day to move to Albany with my brother and sister-in-law. After about a couple of weeks I met the most wonderful guy. I think the only times we were apart was when he worked or was busy at home. Seemed the summer went by way to fast, and before I knew it my parents were there to bring me back to Ohio. We tried
    staying in touch, but this being before cell phones and internet the cost of a call was way too much for either family. I am happy to say after 40 years apart, the internet has brought us back together at least in touch. Maybe one
day we will see each other again but no matter what, it's nice to know we are once again in each other's lives. Says Robin

I just found out that the lake went dry. I lived in Albany, Ga during the 1980s. At any given day we might pack a picnic and head down. It was so beautiful! I can't believe this happen! Such a loss for everyone in the area. I live in north Alabama now and decided to look it up and show my daughter how great a place it was to go.
    Going to the beach without actually going to the beach. It's sad! Wish I could find pictures made in the 80s. Says Terri

We used to go with our family when I was around 8 or so. I'm 26 now and have a daughter. I would really
 like to take my family. We had a blast when my mama would take us. She has passed away. I would love to be ble to show my kids where there GG used to take their mother. Please reopen the park. Says Jennifer Pittman Harrelson

It was awesome fun in the summertime. I was probably 10 and went there for several years every summer when I would come to Georgia to spend the summer with my grandparents. Our older teenage cousins would take us. I'm sure using us for
an excuse to get to go.  We would all be sliding, and they would be on the beach partying all day. Learned how to be a teenager on that beach!

I worked there as a life guard in 1993-94.  I believe it was '94.  I am trying to find people who worked there at that time.  It was my first real job.   I loved that place.  Visited there many times as a kid.  Email me.  Texantothebones@gmail.com. Says David Grady

I remember this place well. I've thought about trips I would make with my family there. My dad used to ride the double tube with me. My first and only horrid sunburn came from one trip there. God how I wish my son could experience the joy in that place like I did. Says Brittany

Went by there today while I was visiting family over there and it's almost completely dried out!!! So said I remember many of summers at crystal beach at least I was able to show my kids were I spent my summers at!! It looks horrible. Like no one had cleaned up in a while. I wish they would reopen, but I really don't think they will. There were too many drownings there, and the insurance went through the roof, and they had to shut down! Maybe they could dig it out to see if it will refill!! But it was an awesome place to go !!! Says Amanda

I'm Bailey. I'm 12 years old. My Mom used to go to Crystal Lake a lot when she was 12 to 18 . She enjoyed it very much, and one day she told me all of her fun memories and told me it closed. I really was wanting to expierience it too.I have been researching for a few months now trying to find the recent owner, so I could try and get him to re-consider opening it back up. I was born in 2000, and it closed in 1998 because several people drowned and they kept getting sued. They couldn't afford it, so they had no other choice but to shut it down. Says Bailey G.

I am 32 now and when I my parents asked me where I wanted to go for my birthday in the summer, I always said Crystal Lake! It was so much fun. I remember all the water slides and the old fashioned ''playground'' style slides that you could climb up and slide down and you would go so fast down that it would project you several feet in the air before you splashed in the water. The water slides across the road with the heavy yellow mats were my favorite. You had to carry those heavy mats up a big hill and when you got to the top. There were about 3-4 slides that slide next to each other and my brother and I would choose one and see who would hit the splash pool first. I always liked the twisty blue water slide that was almost directly in front of the pavilion where you buy food and go to the bathroom. It was dark in some places and light in other places. I never liked walking to the stairs because of all the fish and sometimes they would touch my legs (ewww-it's a girl thing ;). And the white sand was sooo hot in the summer time. We would run as fast as we can from the car to the water and from the water to the car.
I remember when I was old enough to finally go down what my brother and I called the ''straight down slide''. It was super fast and went almost straight down. The little hard ''boats'' were very heavy, that my dad had to carry them up there for us. We would sit on them at the top and go across the rollers to where you would wait for the person in front to get out of the way and then they would let down the little gate and you'd go shooting down the slide and zipping across the top of water. It was so much fun and every year it seemed like they added new water slides that we liked to try out. The big concrete one with the inflatable rafts was a lot of fun. You could do a single or a double and at the end it twisted around and you drop and go under the slide like a loop and a tunnel and then splash in the landing pool. That one was a little far to walk to though. We didn't do too much swimming, because the water slides were just too much fun!
It's a shame it closed. I went in 1998 with my high school boyfriend and found out it had closed and was so disappointed. There are many summer memories from that park. Says Ginny

I remember the floating docks with barrels under them. It was real deep. You could party there. I had a good time all 4 times I went. I saw the rock band: MESSENGER there. They were great. I remember going it the building and getting a burger and coke & play pool --in a wet bathing suit. The paddle boats were cool. I cannot believe I didn't go more times. Says JOHN MASTERS

It was a blast to go. I got in the petal boats an pedaled like a bike on the water. I really wish I had gone more --but did go 4 times .They sold good hamburgers. You could play pool, the jukebox, and other games too. If they reopened I'm sure it would make a lot of money. Maybe it will. Says John

When my daughter was growing up. we would drive from Maoon to Crystal Lake and spend the day at the water park, take a picnic and have such a wonderful time. We were so sad when we heard it had closed down. It was a great place for clean family fun and was reasonably priced compared to other water parks or Six Flags. Says Brenda Ledbetter

When visiting my Granny We would go there and I had such a blast. I wish it would reopen!! I would love to relive the memories of my past!! Says Kelly

I'm 26 now, I was taken to Crystal Lake when I was about 6-7 years old. I really wished this park would re-open-. We always had a blast every time we went. It's sad there is no other place like this nearby to take our kids swimming like we were taken years ago. Says Allie

As a kid I would visit my sister in Alma and we would always go to Crystal Lake with her friends and family to hang out. I would have a blast and looked forward to it every summer and some holidays! Says Keisha

It would be nice if it could be reopened. The problem is that the lake has almost dried up and the pavilion has burned down. The water in the lake used to fluctuate quite a bit back in the 40's and 50's when I was a kid. Who knows, maybe one day it will refill. Says Bobby

Crystal Lake in Irwin County, Georgia is about dried up. It is privately owned and I understand that it is rented out as a hunting club and is not open to the public. If it was, I don't know if there would be enough water to get wet. In the 50's, when I was a teenager, there was a small skating rink, a duck pin bowling alley, a dance floor, and dressing rooms for the swimmers. This old pavilion burned down and was replaced with a sort of refreshment stand for a while, them a water park was put up there. I think several people drown and the owner had to shut it down. If it would fill up with water again, which it might, it would be a great place to go for a swim. Says Bobby

I went there when I was like younger than 5, and it was awesome. I do believe it should be reopened. It would be good for us and our kids to be able to go there and have a good time. Says Dawn

I think it needs to be reopened, so us young people can have a good time like our parents did when they were young at Crystal Lake. Says Caleb


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