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Hilltop Pond

 Hilltop Pond is a beautiful private pond. It's owned by the home owner on the top of the hill to the west and other adjoining land owners have pond rights. It's quite shallow, so it will always be in need of constant cleaning. The 42 acre pond is home to loads of wildlife and is the prime souce of water flowing into Macedonia State Park.

An interesting fact: The dam, rebuilt in the early 90's is made up of concrete blocks, each weighing over a ton.
    Environmental regulations wouldn't allow pouring cement into forms, so the large number of blocks were layed in place, held in place only by their individaul mass.

Jimmy Walker, the mayor of NYC would visit Hilltop Lodge,
with his buddies. Hilltop Lodge was located on the west side of Weber Road where the road takes a bend well above about mid point in the length of the pond. The lodge burned to the ground in the 50's. There was no structure on the property from then until 1984, when the home to the north was constructed. Says A Former Owner



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