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Ella Fohs Camp Pond

 For people who are interested, Danny Farinella's son Mark became a well-known political consultant and now heads an institute at the University of Chicago.  Says Norman

I went to Ella Fohs for 6 or 7 years in the late 1950s - early 1960s. We all had the greatest fun. I loved playing basketball and tetherball (I was the champion), going swimming, hiking, etc. I had a best friend at camp for about 3 years named Andy Goldstein. He knew the Director Danny
    Faranella. Danny let us both enter his house (''mansion'') whenever we wanted to. He said that if there was food in the fridge, it was ours. Ella Fohs. What a great place! What great memories. Says Richard Korenfield

In the
summers of 1955-57, when I was 10, 11, and 12, I spent three weeks at Camp Ella Fohs (and a month at a day camp), both through the East Tremont YM-YWHA. The fee varied with each family's income. At Ella Fohs, we slept on double bunks in old army tents on wooden platforms. I, too, remember swimming in the crib and also swimming ''the triangle, a 1/4 mile circuit of the lake (as we called it). And yes, the story was that the land for the camp had been made available  
    by the parents of Ella Fohs, who had drowned in the lake, accompanied by a counselor in a rowboat. One year, I had a counselor who was a Korean War veteran; he disappeared partway through the third week amid rumors he had abused a
 camper. Another year, I had two counselors from France who taught us to play soccer; we used to speak Pig Latin because they couldn't understand it. Says Richard Coe

I was a counselor the summer of I think 1966. I was about to be drafted and figured this would be my last bit of fun before Vietnam. Great summer, although the war was always on my mind.  Finally found the New York Institute of Technology to take me.  No Vietnam, thank God.  A few month
ago I was in New Milford. I tried to find the camp but could not. Says Paul Turits

I was a kitchen boy and waiter on the senior side, and counselor on the kids’ side tent city in the late 60s. I worked for Dan Fascinello and “Bubbles” the crazy waiter supervisor. Great memories - other than the death of another counselor, Cal, in a car accident on the road up to camp as he, his fiancé, myself and other counselor Howard were returning from Conn’s to get the kids up for a midnight event in a car given him for his engagement.  Terribly sad. Great guy, putting his life back together - but cannot undermine my great memories Says Herb Weis

I was a counselor there in about 1953. I was 15 but said I was 16, more suited to be a camper than a counselor, but they weren't very fussy. Names I remember are Jim Van West and Glenn Banneker (?) counselors. I was friends with a counselor, the gay son of a famous New York Times author but can't remember names now. Says Paul Palmer

The last owners have passed away, and it has been sold again. Hasn't been a camp in well over 30 years. Beautiful property but the buildings are aging, and I don't know what the future holds. Says Bob

I went to Ella Fohs from 1958 - 1965. I used to go for the 2nd trip in the middle of the summer. Buses left from the East Tremont Y. My first summer, we took a train! A very scary experience for an 8-year-old traveling alone. I loved all the creative evening activities- Masquerade Night, Scavenger Hunts, Sing Down, Human Anagrams.. Loved the creative roll call at Flag Pole - 8 rainbows and 2 drips or 8 oak trees and 2 nuts. Great trips in the big green open truck. We went to Kent Falls, Candlewood Lake for canoe trips, Mt. Tom, Squants Pond, Overnight at Kettletown- in the rain! I love camp! Says Gail Drexler

I went to Camp Ella Fohs in the early 60s. It was probably my most sacred childhood memories. I totally loved it. I remember learning how to do Israeli folk dance. I loved the lake and canoeing. Mostly though I made wonderful friends there. The counselors were great! I feel very fortunate to have spent many summers there. Says Stephanie Vogel

I was at Camp Ella Fohs durring huricane belle. Anyone else? Says John

Would you believe I was a counselor there in the 40's! I remember once going to visit the family in the big house. I think it was Ella Foh's mother. I have pictures somewhere. It was a fine time then to leave the city for the summer. Did a lot of good creative work outing on plays. I remember the pond and the swimming crib. Says Elsa Caully Jablonskk

I attended in, I think 57 and 58.  In 58 I was in the ''teenagers'' group at 13 going on 14.  I remember it was related to the YMHA in the Bronx on Freeman St. and Southern Blvd.  I think the property was owned by the Fohs family which allowed the camp which was named after a daughter Ella Fohs whom I believe drowned in the lake.  It did seem like a lake then, and I have not seen it since. We had to swim a triangle to gain a swimming level. I learned first aid, etc. I loved it, swimming, canoeing, sports, etc, and as teenagers we had a long canoe trip for a day on Candlewood Lake.  The teenager group had socials and ''dancing'' too. We would take hikes to Conn's dairy and go for root beer in iced mugs in New Milford in a place whose name I can't remember. Says Bernard RuziewicF

I went to Camp Ella Fohs for a few years in the mid 1960s. It was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says Larry Grief

I went to Camp Ella Fohs for about 4 summers from about 1952 to 1956. If I remember correctly the camp was part of The Federation of Jewish Philanthropies or was subsidized by them. Each summer I went for one of the 3 3week ''trips''. It was the best times of my life. Making clay ashtrays and other things in Hobby Lobby. Swimming in the crib in the lake. Boating and catching frogs and turtles on the lake. Putting on talent shows in the Rec Hall. I wish I had photos of the place. Says David Cohen

I'm not sure of the exact years I attended Camp there. It was for quite a few years - late 50's and early 60's. First a camper then a Tween, then a Teen. I remember the Cooks name - Norman. Would love to hear from possible camp mates! Says Sara Turner

I attended Camp Ella Fohs for three consecutive summers--1951-1953. A fellow named Lefty was the director, I believe, and the dining hall, on a hill, was fairly new. For an inner-city kid from the Bronx it was a wonderful experience. I think the Jewish Agency helped subsidize what my parents had to pay. I had an opportunity to return as a counselor for the summer of '62--wish I had! Says John Sherman

I worked in camp Ella Fohs in 1969. I came there as a student from the Netherlands. I have a very positive recall at the months I spend there. Says Ton Melis

I went to Ella Fohs 73 & 74; wonderful summers!! learned how to play basketball there; P.S. I remember you, Robin Graw! Says Bob Wolfman

My mother Barbara Silverman (now Chichester) had some of her happiest childhood days at this camp. Says Barbara Silverman

I was a camper in the mid 1950's would love to see pictures of the camp if anyone has them. Says Robert Abolafia

I attended the camp for a few weeks from June to July of 1972. Tho I missed home for a few days, by the end I really loved the experience. I remember the director was a man named Balsam(last name) and I think one of my counselors was a guy named Joel Goldman. We got picked up by bus in The Bronx and dropped off at the same place, right by the Stadium. great experience!! Says Roger Linden

I attended camp as a camper starting around 1961 and worked as a counselor, waiter on the senior side and assistant cook till around 1974?. I have had several reunions with staff, campers and administration. Says Mark Chipkin

Anyone out there who attended Ella Fohs as a councelor in 1960-63? JERRY SIMON WHERE ARE YOU? Says Eileen Brown

I attended Ella Fohs as a camper and a counselor. The time was early 1950s - 1955 Says Susan Morse Ressel

I was at the camp from 1963-1969. It shaped my childhood. My mother was there when she was a kid too. I found her name carved into one of the bunks on the rafters: Sydell Freiman 1949! Shame it's not used anymore for innercity poor kids, like we were. Ellen Knebel Says Ellen Knebel

I'm sad to hear that the camp itself is not there any more. I worked there in 69-73...I began working on ''the senior side'' and we livrf in ''the mansion'' for one summer. ...There was a house at the middle of the camp itself where the camp director lived. Is it still there?? Says Richie Stein

(2008) I know the family that owns this beautiful property. A few years ago, I volunteered as a companion (weekly visits over a 2 year period) for his 90 year old mother, Millicent. The owner's name is Kenneth Says Vicki Cook

The camps location is 62 Big Bear Road, New Milford, CT. My friend's grandparents own the property. We hang out all the time. Our girlfriends actually just hosted a jewelry party in the mess hall last weekend. We've gone through many of the cabins in the last few years. We tend to gather and have bonfires near a couple cabins just up hill from the ball fields. Says Helpful

Attended camp from 72-74. I visited the camp in the last few years. That is the location I believe. We called it a lake but I guess it really was a pond! Looks very small now compared to what I remember. Huge house on senior side was built and the rest of the camp is totally overgrown. It was very sad. Says Robin Graw

I went to a camp Ella Fohs back from 1967-1972. I want to know is this the old location where the camp was located.mm714@verizon.net Says mitchell morris


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