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Alexander Lake

 I loved having picnics, swimming, going down the water slide. Miss the clean, clear, water. I havenít found anything like it after it closed. Says Fran Felix Fayan

This is a clear and clean PRIVATE lake with no public beach or launch. Says C. P.

Thanks for the input. Does anyone know if there is public access at the beach. To bad the state didn't take it over. There is a nice lake, Springlake in Burriville,RI with an arcade and Icecream parlor.
     Says Joanie

My understanding is that the beachfront and arcade property closed because the owner was sued and he either couldn't or didn't want to keep it open anymore. Says Mary

I miss going here with my family, have
some wonderful memories wish I could go back with my kids to show the fun we had....waited a long time to be able to swim out to the water wheel. Says Melissa

A while back I took a ride to ct and saw a building that went over the water. It looked like it was a sort of clubhouse or dining place. Is there such a place on Lake Alexander. Jim from RI Says Jim

I can still remember the penny arcade, swimming to the water wheel,and cookouts on the beach.
    I wish I could give this memory to my children. Says Andrew Hilsman

Why did the small beach and arcade close? Is the water still as clean as the old days and is there a public beach area? Says Joanie

Alexander Lake is a charming 215 acre lake.



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