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Baseline Reservoir

 If Lafayette is going to rent the lake, there should be an open bidding process or a lottery process. Says Dick Rochester

Anyone know where we can find all the information regarding the deal between the city and the rec groups? Seems a bit elitist and unfair that they are able to lease the land and keep everyone else out. This is not very Boulder of them. I would like to know the exact details of this deal, the time frame, and potential bring it up with
    city council. Says MIRE

I am a Boulder native. As a teen, I was invited to a day of swimming at Baseline Lake by a friend whose family were members. A few weeks ago I was working for someone on Cherryvale Rd. and noticed campers
/camping at the resevoir. How does one get to camp at Baseline Resevoir? Says Tim Casey

How do I join the Denver Boat Club? Says Molly Fortuna

How do you contact the Baseline Res Group? Says Gordon

Is there a private company that manages this reservoir? If not do you know of any private companies who provide reservoir management? Thanks. Says Brian

Is there a way to join the Baseline Recreation Group? Says Brandi

How do you
    get in touch with the Denver Boat Club? Says Phil

Is there a way to join the Baseline Res Group? Says Ann

Is it possible to obtain a membership to kayak or canoe on the lake? Says Shamane

Baseline Res is the city
 of Lafayette?s water supply. The Denver Boat Club rents it from the city so they can water ski. The Baseline Res Group is a group of 250 families that rent a corner of the lake from the Denver Boat Club. If you want to use this lake you MUST be a guest of one of these groups. Since it is a water supply these groups are obligated to follow strict rules. They cannot allow anyone to just hop the fence and play because their privileges will be taken away. Someone is always watching the lake including the City of Lafayette watching the two clubs activities. Says Rob


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