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Webber Lake

 Updating my request for info or photos of Webber Lake, California, especially the Webber Lake resort and Vernon and Vesta Johnson. Photos or memories of them that I can relay to their nieces that are still alive. I have some photos too.

Email me at Ireland0708 @ icloud. com Says Maureen Nelson

I am headed to Folsom at Thanksgiving time. Does anyone know if the Webber Lake area is assessable around that time. From a main road, would it be much
    of a walk? I wrote the previous posts about my relatives, Vern and Vesta Johnson running the hotel and campground. Want to see the area if possible. Also, anyone know what would be the best place, genealogy or historical society that
might have info on Webber Lake area? Any direction on finding more info on Webber Lake history and accounts of Vern and Vesta and their deaths in the late 50s or early 60s. Can email me at doyle@tucker-usa.com or call 231-250-5555 Thanks so much. (I have pics of Webber Lake and the Johnsons.) Says Maureen Nelson

April 7, 2014---Checking in again...I have photos of Vern Johnson with Vesta ''Betty'' Johnson and a little boy sitting on the porch of the
    hotel at Webber Lake. If anyone wants to see those, please email me at doyle@tucker-usa.com Does anyone know if it is possible to see the place if I fly out to California the first week of June 2014. Would love any info on them...Betty
 was my mom's aunt. Thanks Says Maureen Nelson

Does anyone know if the cabins that Vern and Vesta (Betty) Johnson owned, would still be there? Could anyone draw a map of local area and give me directions to the place. We are from Michigan. Betty was my mom's aunt. Also, does anyone in that area do genealogy or be willing to look up obits or newspaper articles for us? Wondering if it is abandoned or a place that we could visit if we come to California.
my email dnlson@cmedic.net Anyone have brochures or info about the place? Would love to see old photos if anyone wants to share. Says Maureen Nelson

I remember back when Jack and Jenny were managers of the office there at Webber Lake. I remember walking around the lake over to where the Johnson's house was located. Does anyone remember White Rock Lake? It was really hard to get to, but you follow the road up the mountain behind Johnson's place. Rough road, but worth it. The native trout up there were amazing. Says Dawn M Weber

Does anyone know the name of the cabins or area that Vern and Betty Johnson owned at Webber Lake? Would like to hear stories or see phots of that area and their place. contact me at dnlson@cmedic.net Thanks, Maureen (a Michigan relative of the late Betty May Johnson) Says Maureen

Checking if the first two entries, Dale or Dawn, have photos of the above mentioned Webber Lake and especially photos of Vernon & Betty Johnson...she is my mom's aunt. Thanks, Maureen Says Maureen

Oh what fond memories of Webber Lake. Started camping there at age 3 months and went back every summer and deer season for 20 years. Loed staying in the Buckhorn and Glass House too, rowing on the lake, sitting on the porch of the Webber Inn visiting with Vern and Betty Johnson. Those were the days! Says Dale Brown

All of my favorite childhood memories are at Webber Lake. The Polka dot cabin was one of the original cabins there available for rent. Lake of the Woods wasn't very far away..another wonderful place full of memories. Says Dawn M Weber

A precious childhood memory: little wooden boat and very quaint cabin....tiny frogs everywhere...wind....a little bridge...will never forget it...hope to return this summer. Says Chris Dal Porto


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