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Reymann Lake

 John Reymann was my Scoutmaster and mentor. His eldest son Gary died in a plane crash near San Luis Obispo in the70's. His son Jeff died from pancreatic cancer many years ago. His daughter Susan was still living on the Monterey Peninsula, last I heard Midge was EVERYBODY'S grandma. A lovely lady in all respects. She is burried in the Coulterville Cemetary next to her sister Libby Haigh. I miss them all. Says Jon Wren

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    Reymann Lake, it was named after my Great Uncle, William Reymann who worked in Yosemite. He would stock the lake with fish from the near by fishery. At that time it was a walk to deliver the fish, now life is different with air drops
etc. William Reymann was also involved with the first ''Bear Trap'' on wheels to relocate bears from the inside of the park. Today we still use the same prototype for bear relocation. My Uncle, John Reymann also worked for the park for a short period of time. William Reymann died from complications after a surgery before I was born. His wife ''Midge'' was with our family for years and told us about the life in Yosmite before it was taken over by cars and tourists.  
    She was a tiny woman that was involved with the Native Americans while she lived in the Yosemite area. She died at an old age of 90+ and never remarried. John Reymann passed 12 years ago due to cancer. I am the last of the Reymann's
 linked to the lake and will soon make the hike and take pictures from the same location where the family pictures were taken in the early 1900's. I will upload the old family pictures and then the new one's that I take so that we can see how 100 years has changed the lake. Enjoy your stay at Reymann Lake! Says Robin Reymann


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