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Rainbow Lake

 I was at Rainbow lake in Dinkey Lakes Wilderness this weekend (Oct 2015.) I was camping and fishing at Swede Lake where I caught several nice rainbow trout. I brought my pole over to Rainbow Lake in the afternoon and saw absolutely no signs of fish there: none visible, none striking at surface, etc., and no nibbles. I then hiked down to Eastern Brook Lake which was placid and also showed no signs of fish, having instead some water striders on the surface and
    considerable plankton (?) build up on submerged tree limbs, etc. Says Shawn

We came to Rainbow Lake to see Sierra's wonderland.
With tents and spikes and bags and packs so we could build a camp.
Confident in promises
from guides and almanacs, ''It Never Rains Up Here''

Even Tuesday's little hail-storm.
Seemed a fun thing and we stayed warm.
Elements we knew were no harm, ''It Never Rains Up Here. ''

Then Thursday afternoon the bubble burst both loud and strong.
The sky above us let us know that Noah wasn't wrong.
All at once without a doubt the wet and shivering throng,
Found out, ''It Rains Up here!''

Tents and sleeping bags were floating.
    the lake our camp went boating.
But we'll tell the next group in our gloating,
''It Never Rains Up Here!'' Says Tune of Battle Hymn o'Rep.

Rainbow lake, as well as numerous other lakes in the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness
 Area are well worth the moderate effort it takes to visit. Rainbow lake itself is cupped between a low granite ridge and a steeper, curving granite wall. It is a beautifully clear lake populated with large numbers of rainbow trout which I assume gave it the name. Information, registration, and restrictions can all be obtained at the Ranger station located in the town of Prather. We camp at this lake at least twice a year, and it is always one of my favorites. Says Paul


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