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Loch Lomond

 So is there bass in this lake?? Says Josh Paton

Hi, I'm a Park Ranger at Loch Lomond Recreation Area in Felton. To answer some of your questions... Stand up paddle boarding isn't allowed here. Actually, we don't allow any outside boats except for those folks who keep their kayaks/canoes stored on site here for the season. For more information on this program, you can call (831) 335-7424. Kayaks and canoes can be inspected, decontaminated, then stored on site
    here at Loch Lomond.

Fishing is allowed every day of our season, but we're not open year-round. After Labor Day, we are open weekends only until mid-October. Then we remain completely closed to the public until our season re-opens
on March 1.

Regarding swimming, the reason we don't allow it is because we primarily exist as a storage reservoir for drinking water. Those reservoirs that do allow swimming also have much higher treatment plant standards... Which costs quite a bit more money to uphold. In order to keep drinking water costs down for the city residents, we don't allow swimming in the reservoir.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this lake with others. It is
    indeed a very special place. Says Susy

The loch is closed to all private boats and has been for a few seasons now. They have rentals, and I've heard for a fee they will inspect and store your boat for use there, but you will
 not be allowed to use it anyplace else. It's awful as this is a favorite place to kayak for me. Says Kelly

RE: Bob, I believe the Loch is the drinking water supply for many people, and there are usually rules about swimming in the drinking water. Says Patrick

I wonder if Loch Lomond allows stand up paddle boarding...anybody know? Says Claire

Can I fish year round? Says Chuck Hanson

Nice lake in the Santa Cruz Mountains, great place for canoeing. No swimming allowed though, what's up with that? Says Bob

Late afternoon - Susy


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