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Horseshoe Lake

 The description reads like an all out Butte Co. Ad. All that stuff is great though and easy to get to. As for Horseshoe Lake itself, it's very small, with poor fishing. It has a small dock, an indoor gun range, a humble yet awesome space observatory, and the golf course running behind all of it. Also bathrooms, parking, water, dog poop bags, line recyclers. On the Lake's side of the road, it is legal to have your dog off-leash as long as he is 'under control'.
    Local dogs love it here and they all seem very friendly. The real beauty is the surrounding area of Bidwell Park. The trails going from there into Upper Park, run along both sides of the creek, and make for a very easy walk. There's
fantastic scenery as you get closer to Salmon Hole, a very popular swimming spot, but the ''climb'' down to those calm waters amid the turbulent creek is a little steep for children and less sure footed people. Stick along the edge of the canyon as it gradually rises and you'll be treated to a nice sunset over the way you just came, with the winding canyon and it's white waters. Most of the park is semi-wild, with maintained trails and an occasional call box. H You should bring food and water for the whole day, as the park is very large. Says Marco



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