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Halsey Forebay

 Halsey fore bay great enviorment to take the fam and good fishing. Says Jake Miller

Caught 2 rainbow trout one over 2 pounds 16 1/2 inches. Says Tina

9-07-10. Tuesday. Fished on a very windy day. Could hardly cast against the wind while at the inflow and parking lot areas. Caught one 11 inch rainbow on the opposite shore. That's it for one hour of fishing at noon. DFG was suppose to have planted the Friday before. I couldn't tell. Says Don L.

    bites at all. Says Kellie

Fished Halsey forebay today 2-14-10. No Bites. Says William

I agree with some of the posts. DFG needs to reevaluate this pretty little lake. Great place to fish and relax. Have had success there
in the past and love talking to all of the locals. Says Ron

06-27-2009. There are no fish plants at Halsey Forebay because of a DFG settlement action with an environmental organization that filed a lawsuit. Because of this, DFG is barred from planting trout in many lakes and streams all over California including Halsey. All for the love of a red legged frog. What a joke at Halsey. Has anyone even seen a frog at this man-made impoundment??? DFG must do
    the research and file an Enviornmental Impact Report about the frog and the impact of the trout plants with the court, then the court may approve the replanting. FYI - Boca and Prosser are also on the list of no fish plants. See the
 DFG website. Says Don L.

Why hasn't the D.F.G. been planting any fish ? 06-04-09 Says John

Fished morning and afternoon with no bites. Used power bait, eggs and lures. No go... Says Rod R

It took putting in a lot of time to learn how to fish Hales with success. I moved to the area 3yrs. ago and Halsey was one of the first places my wife found where she could fish in comfort. But the secret the locals won't give up is go fish it and
learn; I ain't tell'en. But a stringer of trout most every time now wouldn't tell even the locals Ha'ha I got your fish. Says John Rocklin

Stock halsey on weekends so my kid could catch a fish. Says Joey Rodregez

11.14.07 - I had the same score as last week: three bows' using a spinner in one hour. Three big changes: a trout plant, higher water level that moved out the leaf debris and algae, and a dozen fishermen on the wall. They were catching the planters using bait. Says Don L

11.08.07 - Didn't look like the scheduled trout plant took place this week or today. Can't complain: three bows' in one hour at dusk. One 3/4 pounds, the other two smaller. Lots of debris - leaves and algae. Wonder if they will plant Friday, 11.09.07? Says Don L

excellent trout fishing! two nice size fish in the short hour I was able to fish there! Says master J


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