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Gardisky Lake

 Steep trail with many switchbacks approx. one-and-a-quarter miles in length. The lake has perhaps an overpopulation of brook trout. Best place to fish is from the north shore about halfway. Use night crawlers, or a # 12 or 14 dry fly called a ''Lake Mary Special''. In several years of fishing perhaps twenty or so visits, I managed to catch a brookie slightly less than ten inches in length. The most unusual fish was an eight-incher with a four inch brook halfway
    down its throat (hook got caught in dorsal fin!). Advice: This is a poor location to get caught in a thunderstorm. Worse, is that when that steep trail gets wet is gets quite slick and can be a real downhill challenge. Also downhill
is not very nice to middle-aged knees! The scenery is top notch, take advantage of the awe-inspiring view of the spectacular peaks as you leave and head back toward highway 120 down the gravel road. Says David Eidell

Today (July 23,2007) me and my ten family members climbed gardisky Lake. It is the most beautiful lake I have ever seen. I got about 7 bites but only caught two. This lake truly says that God exist and shows His marvels. Says Chris Delgado


My fav lake. I fish the southeast corner where the late snow stays year round. I always limit on 8 brook trout with a black fly. Tough trail but worth it for the view. Wear sunscreen and bring a vest or jacket. Good luck! - John Freeman


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