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Faucherie Lake

 If you like to hike, this is the place to go. Yes the road is rough but well worth it. My husband and I have camped at Jackson Creek every year for the past 32+ years and I would feel cheated if we didn't visit Faucherie. I am older now and not up for the hike to the higher lakes but even hiking 20 minutes up the inlet or down the outlet to the lake is a wonderful experience. We have fished in the lake with a boat but the stream fishing is terrific. Some of the
    nicest trout we have caught in the region and we visit most lakes and streams in the area. Says Sondra Armour

This lake is a long drive and there are 9 other nice lakes on the road to Faucherie. Very windy and rugged country,
the fishing is tough but persistence pays. Used to be private and secluded, but now is very populated and has lost it's private feel. I recomending hiking 5 miles up the canyon to the next lake to get away from the citidits. Says Cooper Freeman

The place is ridden with Mosquitos, Wasps, and Bears. The wind always picks up and blows through the group site, and makes most activities miserable. The drive up is NOT worth it. Avoid the group site. There
    are tons of sites down the dirt road along the creek which offer better protection from the wind. Best to camp someplace closer to civilization. The drive is not worth it Says Bryan Nalette

I would love to go to this nice place.
 It is full of waterfalls and very secluded. I know because my family went there and I saw plenty of pictures. Going someday soon hopefully... Says Jamie Becerra


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