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Devereux Lagoon

 This is a swamp. Says Anonymous

This is a swamp. Says Anonymous

3,037 feet is the altitude difference of nearby Gato Trail. Gato Trail is 6.6 miles of backpacking across some very lovely sites. The Gato Trail is tough; it takes more or less one and a half days to backcountry hike. The 207 foot altitude difference Rattlesnake Trail is a lovely place to go backpacking; it's 1.6 miles of good backpacking. With its 2,215 foot variation in altitude it's
    a beautiful great outdoors hiking trail; the Arroyo Burro Trail is 6.2 miles of great hiking. A hard great outdoors hiking trail it is; Arroyo Burro Trail calls for around one day to backcountry hike.


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