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Indian Head Lake - South

 Is indian head lake still privately owned? Is it still open? Is it safe to swim now? Is the premises maintained & taken care of? how much is the cost? I will gladly pay a private land owner to have a place to swim & sun with the family. The closest water parks (''wild river country'') is getting to expensive & usually way to crowded!! My husband grew up going to indian head lake & said it used to be a awesome little place. Its so very close to our home in vilonia.
    Would love to experience this lake if the water issues have been fixed!! Thanks. Says Nanaw

We have went to Indian Head Lake since we moved here 3 years ago, and we camp there all the time during the summer. We have been the
only campers quite a few times, We really enjoyed the place at first then on July 29, 2011. We was just taking the girls swimming & we fished after we payed, and it was barely getting dark out, and THE OWNER: The Grumpy Old Drunk Man, told me to get my stuff together and was screaming at us & our girls to leave & not come back,??? WE WAS SHOCKED & HUMILIATED. He would not let the girls 9 & 10 yrs. get their shoes. Screaming at my old man to get in car & leave,  
    he was very lucky my old man has RESPECT for his kid, or GRUMPY DRUNK OWNER would have been laying on the ground. NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I SEEN A GROWN MAN ACT LIKE SUCH A FOOL & HE HAD NO REASON FOR IT...EXCEPT MAYBE THE ALCOHOL ON
 HIS BREATH AS HE WAS SCREAMING IN MY FACE. We was GREAT BUSINESS FOR HIM, We paid his bills during the cool months, b/c we was his ONLY CUSTOMERS. Now I think I see why no one goes there. He needs to be a medicine or of alcohol, SO AS MY GIRLS SAY, HE IS A VERY BAD MAN, so we won't be going back, and I will make it a Mission that everyone quits going there, b/c if he acts like that in front of my kids, who knows what CRAZY MAN THAT SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE
AROUND PEOPLE... ~Very Disappointed~ I WOULD NOT SUGGEST YOU GO... Says Disappointed

Why don't they allow pets? Says TD

I actually live on Lewisburg and my family and I use to go there all the time when I was young. But concerns over the safety of the water has kept us from going back for a long time. I was curious if these issues have been resolved and of course if the place is still open? Also, is alcohol permitted to be brought on the premises so long as it's in closed containers? Says Jake

They don't allow pets. I spent all morning to get ready to go and there was a big sign right before the entrance no pets. Says RL


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