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Indian Lakes

 Had an AWFUL experience here over Memorial Day weekend. My friend and I planned on camping Friday night and hanging out most of the day Saturday. We got treated like we were hooligans (I'm assuming because we looked young). We had another friend come visit us, she was harassed by the staff, half an hour or more before they closed the gate (at 9pm), to leave. I think this closing time is early, but my friends and I were willing to comply with it, but I was extremely
    displeased with the harassment of my friend. I felt as if the staff was extremely rude to my friends and I, even from the moment we arrived to set up camp. Not to mention cars were going in and out of the site out of after 9pm, which
was thoroughly annoying since we had been told no one could come in or out after 9pm, and they had harassed my friend before they even closed the gate trying to get her out. The friend who camped with me and I actually left as soon as we could the next morning, because we were so disgusted with how we were treated by the staff. I honestly will NEVER go here again, nor would I recommend this place to anyone I know. (Submitted Fri, 5 Jun 2015) Says Abigail

    family and I were planning a trip last evening to camp overnight with friends at Indianhead Lake. We visited about 3 weeks ago, spoke with the owner about planning a camping trip and had a wonderful day trip that day. We wanted to
 come back with the kids, rent a paddle boat, stay overnight, and swim today.
Our friends arrived at the lake last evening, and were treated very rudely by a seemingly intoxicated and unreasonable owner, told that the cost would be $10/person, and that they should just leave. This to a couple with 4 kids with them, ages 16, 7, 5, and 2. We never even made it out to the lake, since our friends called to alert us to this problem. Our camping trip was canceled,
though we will find somewhere else to swim today. I am saddened that this beautiful lake near our home is ruined by a hypocritical and unpredictable owner. (Submitted Thu, 29 Jul 2010) Says A disappointed camper

We really enjoy the lake! The sand is clean even when you step into the water you have a clean feeling no slimy stuff! The slides do need to be repaired, and bathrooms could be cleaned more as well! But all in all, it's fun for the kids and love it there! Maybe suggestions would be a season pass it gets to be pricey after a while. Says Henderson

I am an open water swimmmer looking for a place to swim for a couple of hours - is the acceptable swimming area big enough for long distance swimming? Says Lemwin

I for one am glad tat there are no pets allowed. With those who already don't clean up after themselves I would hate to k or what they would let their pets do. The lake is beautiful. It is a small lake so there are going to be some differences between it and Heber. It is perfect size for an after noon outing. It's not too crowded so you can go and still feel like you have privacy. Says Jennifer

Is the lake still open with the drought and very hot weather that is going on. I have 2 of my kids that want to go there for their B-Days this weekend. (posted June 28th, 2012) Says Dustin

I love Indian Head Lake! I hadn't been there since I was a child, but I took my children a couple of weekends ago and we all had a blast! Even my two year old was scurrying up and flying down the slides like a little champ. Over all it's cleaner, quieter, and more family friendly than Greers Ferry is now days. I don't have to worry about my kids being knocked over by rude people. Says Hummingbird

Says We moved to the area about year ago. This has to be the best kept secret in Arkansas. We have four kids and we all love it. We can swim all day and have a great time for half the price of spending 2 hours in a movie. We recommend it to everyone we meet and bring all our out of town visitors there. Staff is great, very friendly and will help you any way they can.

Well I went there yesterday and the day before that and it was awesome. Plenty of room to have time with your family and to mess around. Good good place! Says Kiersten

I took my kids to lake to swim, and it was very dirty. On the diving board platform there was a dirty baby diaper laying on there. The kids and I didn't stay long and will not return. We only hope that between the dirty diaper and the water nasty we don't end up sick. Says Crystil

Went to the lake yesterday with my grandkids for the first time. We went for the swimming and rented a paddle boat. We had the best time. The staff was very friendly helpful. The lake was clean. Says Judy

Clean and beautiful, but I wish my pet was allowed. Says Kelli

That is ridiculous not to allow pets there, especially if the ''parents'' of the pet are responsible for the ''actions'' of the pet!!! You could charge people an extra dollar or two to bring in the pet. Once again, that is an absurd rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says Stephanie

I'm 50 yrs. old and been swimming there all my life and love it. Says Cornell Bray

I am having my sweet 16 there this summer! (: I went last summer and loved it!! I always recommend Indian lakes. Says Hal

Do you have to have a fishing licence to fish in your waters? Says April

Indian Lakes is Open Dawn until Dusk

Paddle boats are $15.00 per day. Says Steve-mgr

The lake has been under new mgnt for 2.5 yrs The new improvements are off off the hook-as well as the fishing!! Special on the lake lodging also ava. Camping is free. prices the same for 13 yrs. Come enjoy- Call 501-843-3958 Steve Says Steve-mgr

I spent the weekend at this lake. The staff was wonderful and tentative. It was quiet and beautiful. The swimming area was great and the fishing is pretty good. They also serve the cheapest breakfast in the morning and it is a lot of food for a very wonderful price and it's awesome. I would recommend this place to anyone for just a weekend getaway or a family weekend. Says Larry from Sherwood

How much is the peddle boats and what time do they open????? Says Austin

So I went to Indian Head lake, rented a paddle boat for 20 bucks and had a great time, got home and was rushed to the ER with swimmers itch. Larvae are bad in those waters... Says Crystal DeSilva

They open first part of May and are open dawn till dusk. (Posted 6-7-10) Says Crystal

When does it open this year? Says Cynthia

We have Swimming, Camping (tents only), Fishing, Picnicing, Vollyball, Horse Shoes, Paddle Boats, Consession Stand with Food, Drinks, Snacks and Ice, Bathrooms, and of course Sunbathing.

Our address is 1365 W. Lewisburg Road, Austin, AR 72007

Our phone number is 501-843-3958

No Pets Allowed.

Admission is 10+ $5. 00 per day
3-9 $3. 00 per day
0-2 FREE

We have made many improvements to the fishing lakes, adding fishing docks and the fish are really biting.
Says Harry Dougherty, Owner

How much does it cost to get in? And does anyone know and when it opens and what the phone number is? Says Linda Scott

Love the lake. Have been going there since I was a child. and have been taking my children there. But I can't ever find the phone number to the lake to get any information about things I'd like to know. Like when your open and how much it costs to get in. Says Desiree


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