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Blackwater Lakes

 It has been more than thirty years since I've fished Blackwater Lake. Beautiful lake, but I've never caught much out of there other than Jacks, I think the proper name is Pikes. More than likely ther are big fish in there. On year we dressed the lake up with about six dozen Yo-Yo's and we did catch a lot of Catfish. We camp out that Friday night and fried Catfish all day Saturday. Someone stated in an earlier comment to consult a guide before heading over and
    that is right. Anytime you are heading to Blackwater, Half Moon, English Bee, and others in this area, have someone with you (...) and make sure someone knows where your'e at. These lake are about 13 to 15 miles from pavement and
another 15 miles from Camden. This is the real meaning of Deep Woods. There are all types of wild life in this area, Wild boars, Multiple types of snakes, Rattlers, Water Mocasins, and many others and most of all Alligators. I've not seen any around Blackwater or Half Moon, but then again I did say it's been thirty years since I've fished these lake. The last time I rember fishing English Bee I counted about five alligators in that lake. They never bothered  
    you, but you would always see thier head pop up out of the water as to say ''I'm watching you'' This is beautiful country. Says Walter ''FIG'' Watkins



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