California Beaches

1. Aeneas Beach, Monterey County

2. Agate Beach, Humboldt County

3. Agate Beach, Marin County

4. Alamitos Bay Beach, Los Angeles County

5. Alan Sieroty Beach, Marin County

6. Aliso Beach, Orange County

7. Amarillo Beach, Los Angeles County

8. Arch Beach, Orange County

9. Arched Rock Beach, Sonoma County

10. Arroyo De Los Frijoles Beach, San Mateo County

11. Atagam Beach, Placer County

12. Avals Beach, Marin County

13. Baker Beach, San Francisco County

14. Balboa Beach, Orange County

15. Baldwin Beach, El Dorado County

16. Bannings Beach, Los Angeles County

17. Baywood Park Beach, San Luis Obispo County

18. Ben Weston Beach, Los Angeles County
      Ben Weston Beach is accessed primarily by boat bec...

19. Bernasconi Beach, Riverside County

20. Betz Beach, Riverside County

21. Big Rock Beach, Los Angeles County

22. Black Point Beach, Sonoma County

23. Blacks Beach, San Diego County

24. Blind Beach, Sonoma County
      Warning: ''One of the most dangerous beaches in Ca...

25. Blue Gums Beach, Marin County

26. Bombay Beach, Imperial County

27. Bonny Doon Beach, Santa Cruz County

28. Boomer Beach, San Diego County

29. Bowling Ball Beach, Mendocino County

30. Brazil Beach, Marin County

31. Button Shell Beach, Los Angeles County

32. Cabrillo Beach, Los Angeles County

33. Calawee Cove Beach, El Dorado County

34. Cannonball Beach, Humboldt County

35. El Capitan Beach, Santa Barbara County

36. Capitola Beach, Santa Cruz County

37. Carbon Beach, Los Angeles County

38. Carmel Beach, Monterey County

39. Carmel Beach, Sonoma County

40. Castle Rock Beach, Los Angeles County

41. Catfish Beach, Plumas County

42. Cayucos Beach, San Luis Obispo County

43. Central Beach, San Diego County

44. Childrens Pool Beach, San Diego County

45. China Beach, San Francisco County

46. China Cove Beach, Orange County

47. China Ladder Beach, Santa Cruz County
      The easiest way to get down to this beach is via t...

48. Christi Beach, Santa Barbara County

49. Clam Beach, Humboldt County
      Clam Beach is amazing... you can bring your dogs a...

50. Clam Beach, Sonoma County

51. Coast Royale Beach, Orange County

52. Cocklebur Beach, Stanislaus County
      Are leashed dogs permitted?...

53. Coleman Beach, Sonoma County

54. Cooks Beach, Mendocino County

55. Coronado City Beach, San Diego County

56. Coronado Shores Beach, San Diego County

57. Corral Beach, Los Angeles County

58. La Costa Beach, Los Angeles County

59. Cove Beach, San Mateo County

60. Cowell Beach, Santa Cruz County

61. Crescent Beach, Del Norte County

62. Crown Point Shores, San Diego County

63. Danburg Beach, Mono County

64. Del Monte Beach, Monterey County

65. Devils Slide Beach, San Mateo County

66. Dog Beach, San Diego County

67. El Dorado Beach, El Dorado County

68. Doran Beach, Sonoma County

69. Drakes Beach, Marin County

70. Driftwood Beach, Marin County

71. Dunes Beach, San Mateo County

72. East Beach, Santa Barbara County

73. Elmar Beach, San Mateo County

74. Empire Landing, Los Angeles County

75. Encinal Beach, Los Angeles County

76. Escondido Beach, Los Angeles County

77. Fan Shell Beach, Monterey County

78. Fish Rock Beach, Mendocino County
      Fish Rock beach is right at Anchor Bay Campground....

79. Four Mile Beach, Santa Cruz County
      1 PHOTO
This is a great noncrowded beach, if you go on a w...

80. Francis Beach, San Mateo County

81. Frenchys Cove Beach, Ventura County

82. Gallagher Beach, Los Angeles County

83. Gallatin Beach, Lassen County

84. Gallinas Beach, Marin County

85. Gaviota Beach, Santa Barbara County

86. Gleason Beach, Sonoma County

87. Goat Rock Beach, Sonoma County
      Goat Rock Beach is one of California's most danger...

88. Gold Bluffs Beach, Humboldt County

89. El Granada Beach, San Mateo County

90. Halfmoon Beach, Lassen County

91. Hamilton Beach, Los Angeles County

92. Harbor Beach, San Diego County

93. Healdsburg Veterans Memorial Beach, Sonoma County

94. Hearts Desire, Marin County

95. Hendrys Beach, Santa Barbara County

96. Hidden Beach, Monterey County

97. Hollywood Beach, Ventura County

98. Hooper Beach, Santa Cruz County

99. Hope Ranch Private Beach, Santa Barbara County

100. Huntington City Beach, Orange County

101. Indian Beach, Lake County

102. Indian Beach, Marin County

103. Island Beach, Monterey County

104. Jenner Beach, Sonoma County

105. Jetty Beach, Monterey County

106. Johnsons Landing, Los Angeles County

107. La Jolla Beach, Ventura County

108. La Jolla Shores Beach, San Diego County

109. Kehoe Beach, Marin County

110. Kelham Beach, Marin County

111. Kellers Beach, Contra Costa County

112. Kellogg Road Beach, Del Norte County
      Is it ok to ride an atv on kellogg beach?...Are there any beaches or sand dunes in the Crescen...

113. Kirby Beach, Marin County

114. Kiva Beach, El Dorado County

115. Laguna Point Beach, Mendocino County

116. Las Tunas Beach, Los Angeles County

117. Laurel Beach, Lake County

118. Leadbetter Beach, Santa Barbara County

119. Lester Beach, El Dorado County

120. Limantour Beach, Marin County

121. Lincoln Beach, Santa Cruz County

122. Little Corona Del Mar Beach, Orange County

123. Little River State Beach, Humboldt County

124. Lorenzo Beach, Los Angeles County

125. Macabee Beach, Monterey County

126. Main Beach, Orange County

127. Malibu Beach, Los Angeles County

128. Mandalay Beach, Ventura County

129. Manhattan Beach, San Mateo County

130. Marine Street Beach, San Diego County

131. Marshall Beach, Marin County

132. Mateo Coast State Beaches, San Mateo County

133. Mattole Beach, Humboldt County

134. McClures Beach, Marin County

135. Miramar Beach, San Mateo County

136. Miwok Beach, Sonoma County

137. Monastery Beach, Monterey County

138. Montara Beach, San Mateo County

139. Moondunes Beach, Placer County

140. Moonstone Beach, Humboldt County

141. Moonstone Beach, Los Angeles County

142. Moonstone Beach, San Luis Obispo County

143. Moran Lake Beach, Santa Cruz County

144. More Mesa Beach, Santa Barbara County

145. Morro Rock Beach, San Luis Obispo County

146. Moss Beach, Monterey County

147. Muir Beach, Marin County

148. Naples Beach, San Mateo County

149. Navy Beach, Mono County

150. Newport Beach, Orange County

151. North Beach, Marin County

152. North Beach, Merced County

153. North Beach, San Diego County

154. North Beach, Ventura County

155. North Moss Beach, Monterey County

156. North Salmon Creek Beach, Sonoma County

157. North Star Beach, Orange County

158. Ocean Beach, San Francisco County

159. Ocean Beach City Beach, San Diego County

160. Oceanside City Beach, San Diego County

161. Oil Piers Beach, Ventura County

162. Ormond Beach, Ventura County

163. Palisades Beach, Los Angeles County

164. Palomarin Beach, Marin County

165. Panther Beach, Santa Cruz County

166. Parsons Landing, Los Angeles County

167. Patton Beach, Placer County

168. Pebble Beach, Del Norte County

169. Pebble Beach, Marin County

170. Pebble Beach, Monterey County

171. Pebble Beach, San Mateo County

172. Pebble Beach, Sonoma County

173. Perles Beach, Marin County

174. Perris Beach, Riverside County

175. Pescadero Beach, San Mateo County

176. Pfeiffer Beach, Monterey County

177. Phillip Burton Memorial Beach, San Mateo County

178. Pine Island Beach, Nevada County

179. La Playa, San Diego County

180. Poche Beach, Orange County

181. Point Molate Beach, Contra Costa County

182. Point Mugu Beach, Ventura County

183. Point Reyes Beach, Marin County

184. Pomponio Beach, San Mateo County

185. Pope Beach, El Dorado County

186. Portugese Beach, Sonoma County

187. Potbelly Beach, Santa Cruz County

188. Pudding Creek Beach, Mendocino County

189. Puerco Beach, Los Angeles County

190. Quarry Beach, Marin County

191. Rat Beach, Los Angeles County

192. Red Rock Beach, Marin County

193. Red White and Blue Beach, Santa Cruz County

194. Redondo Beach, San Mateo County

195. Reedley Beach, Fresno County

196. Refugio Beach, Santa Barbara County

197. Ribbon Beach, Los Angeles County

198. Rincon Beach, Ventura County
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We love visiting Rincon, is one of our favorite pl...

199. Rio Del Mar Beach, Santa Cruz County
      1 PHOTO

200. Rockaway Beach, San Mateo County

201. Rodeo Beach, Marin County

202. Saint Malo Beach, San Diego County

203. Salton Beach, Riverside County

204. San Carlos Beach, Monterey County

205. San Clemente City Beach, Orange County

206. San Gregorio Beach, San Mateo County

207. San Onofre Beach, San Diego County

208. San Pedro Beach, San Mateo County

209. Sand Beach, San Mateo County

210. Sand Dollar Beach, Monterey County

211. Sand Springs Beach, Marin County

212. Sandy Beach, Alameda County

213. Sandy Beach, Imperial County

214. Sandy Beach, Lassen County

215. Sandy Beach, Monterey County

216. Sandy Cove Beach, Fresno County

217. Santa Cruz Beach, Santa Cruz County
      Very very crowded beach, good if you're bringing k...

218. Santa Maria Beach, Marin County

219. Santa Monica State Beach, Los Angeles County

220. Scott Creek Beach, Santa Cruz County

221. Sculptured Beach, Marin County

222. Sea View Beach, Imperial County

223. Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz County

224. Seal Rocks Beach, San Francisco County

225. Seaside Creek Beach, Mendocino County

226. Secline Beach, Placer County

227. Shalow Beach, Marin County

228. Sharp Park Beach, San Mateo County

229. Shell Beach, Marin County

230. Shell Beach, Sonoma County

231. Silver Strand Beach, Ventura County

232. Ski Beach, San Diego County

233. Sneaker Beach, Riverside County

234. South Beach, Los Angeles County

235. South Beach, Marin County

236. South Beach, Merced County

237. South Carlsbad State Beach, San Diego County

238. South Jetty Beach, Ventura County

239. South Oceanside Beach, San Diego County

240. South Salmon Creek Beach, Sonoma County

241. Stinson Beach, Marin County

242. Stump Beach, Sonoma County

243. Sullivans Beach, Los Angeles County

244. Sunset Beach, Santa Cruz County

245. Sunshine Beach, Marin County

246. Surfside Beach, Orange County

247. Teachers Beach, Marin County

248. Ten Mile Beach, Mendocino County

249. Three Mile Beach, Santa Cruz County
      1 PHOTO
This is a small beach a few hundred yards south of...

250. Tomales Beach, Marin County

251. Topanga Beach, Los Angeles County

252. Torrance County Beach, Los Angeles County

253. Torrey Pines City Beach, San Diego County

254. Torrey Pines State Beach, San Diego County
      Torrey Pines is a beautiful area.  I love the sand...

255. Trancas Beach, Los Angeles County
      There is no camping allowed anywhere near Trancas ...

256. Trestles Beach, San Diego County

257. Trinidad State Beach, Humboldt County

258. Tunitas Beach, San Mateo County

259. Twin Lakes Beach, Santa Cruz County

260. Upper Beach, Los Angeles County

261. Vallejo Beach, San Mateo County

262. Venice Beach, Los Angeles County

263. Venice Beach, San Mateo County

264. Ventura City Beach, Ventura County

265. Victoria Beach, Orange County

266. Waddell Creek Beach, Santa Cruz County

267. Wages Creek Beach, Mendocino County
      for years and years we have enjoyed the story of w...

268. West Beach, Santa Barbara County

269. Weston Beach, Monterey County

270. Westward Beach, Los Angeles County

271. White Point Beach, Los Angeles County

272. Wildcat Beach, Marin County

273. Wilder Beach, Santa Cruz County

274. Wilson Creek Beach, Del Norte County

275. Windansea Beach, San Diego County

276. Wipeout Beach, San Diego County

277. Wreck Beach, Monterey County

278. Wrights Beach, Sonoma County
      Don't miss the flowers along the bluff above the b...

279. Yerba Buena Beach, Ventura County

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