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Santa Clara County and Surrounding Area Marinas, California

1    South Bay Yacht Club, Alviso


Alameda County California

2    Alameda Marina, Alameda
       Activities: boating, sailing and power boating...
3    Fortman Marina, Alameda
4    Grand Marina, Alameda
       Activities: boating and sailing...
5    San Leandro Marina, San Leandro
6    Fifth Avenue Marina, Oakland
7    Embarcadero Cove Marina, Oakland
8    Oakland Marinas, Oakland
9    Ballena Isle Marina, Alameda
10    Marina Village Yacht Harbor, Alameda
       Activities: biking... Boating, Tent Sites...
11    Emery Cove Marina, Emeryville
       Activities: boating and fishing...
12    Emeryville Marina, Emeryville

Contra Costa County California

13    Anchor Marina, Bethel Island
14    Beacon Harbor, Bethel Island
       Boating, Boat Rentals, Dry Storage, Picnic and Bar...
15    Bentley's Marina and RV Park, Bethel Island
16    Bethel Harbor, Bethel Island
       Activities: waterskiing, jet-skiing and golf...
17    Caliente Harbor, Bethel Island
       Come visit Caliente Harbor we are peaceful private...
18    Carol's Harbor & Marina, Oakley
19    Emerald Pointe Marina, Bethel Island
20    Hennis Marina, Oakley
21    Russo's Marina, Bethel Island
       Activities: fishing and golf...
22    Sam's Harbor, Oakley
23    Seahorse Marina, Oakley
24    Sugar Barge Resort and Marina, Bethel Island
       Activities: fishing and jet-skiing...
25    Sunset Harbor, Bethel Island
       Activities: boating, fishing and jet-skiing...
26    Willowest Harbor, Bethel Island
27    Cruiser Haven, Brentwood
28    Discovery Bay Yacht Harbor, Discovery Bay
29    Holland Riverside Marina, Brentwood
30    Martinez Marina Bait & Tackle, Martinez
31    Big Break Marina, Oakley
       Activities: boating and fishing...
32    Driftwood Marina, Oakley
       Activities: boating and fishing...
33    Ebony Boat Club, Antioch
34    Lloyd's Holiday Harbor, Antioch
       Activities: boating... Boating, Covered Slips, Dry Storage, restrooms, Se...
35    New Bridge Marina, Antioch
36    San Joaquin Yacht Harbor, Oakley
37    Marina Banquets, Pittsburg
38    Pittsburg Harbor, Pittsburg
39    Channel Marina Yacht Harbor, Richmond
40    Marina Bay Yacht Harbor, Richmond
       Activities: boating, fishing, sailing and power bo...
41    Sugar Dock, Richmond
       Boating, Restaurant, Service and Repair...
42    Brickyard Cove Marina, Richmond
       Activities: sailing...
43    Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor, Richmond

Marin County California

44    Buck's Launching, San Rafael
45    Loch Lomond Marina, San Rafael
       Activities: boating, sailing, power boating, water...
46    San Francisco Yacht Club, Belvedere Tiburon
       Activities: boating, sailing and power boating...
47    Port Sonoma-Marina, Petaluma
48    Mira Monte Landing, Novato
49    Clipper Yacht Harbor, Sausalito
       Activities: boating, sailing and power boating...
50    Libertyship Marina, Sausalito
51    Marina Plaza Harbor, Sausalito
52    Richardson Bay Marina, Sausalito
       Activities: fishing, sailing and biking...
53    Sausalito Shipyard & Marina, Sausalito
54    Schoonmaker Point Marina, Sausalito
       Boating, Dry Storage...

Monterey County California

55    Lake Nacimiento Marina, Bradley
       Activities: fishing, waterskiing, hiking, swimming...
56    Kanassky Marina, Carmel
57    Marina Motorsports, Marina
58    Marina Dunes RV Park, Marina
       3 PHOTOS
Marina Dunes RV Park on Monterey Bay

We are...

59    Marina Sanitary Landfill, Marina
       Picnic and Barbecue Area, restrooms, store...
60    Breakwater Cove Marina, Monterey
       Activities: boating and swimming...
61    Carmel Marina Corporation, Castroville

San Francisco County California

62    Treasure Isle Marina, San Francisco
63    Grohmann Marina, San Francisco
64    Pier Marina, San Francisco

San Joaquin County California

65    Bruno's Island Yacht Harbor, Stockton
66    Windmill Cove Marina & RV Park, Stockton
67    H & H Marina, Stockton
68    King Island Resort, Stockton
69    TIKI Lagun Resort & Marina, Stockton
70    Union Point Marina, Stockton
71    Ladd's Marina, Stockton
72    River Point Landing Marina, Stockton
       Activities: boating... Boating, Dry Storage, Tent Sites...
73    Stockton Sailing Club, Stockton
       Activities: sailing...
74    Village West Marina, Stockton
       Activities: boating, fishing, arcade and golf...
75    Tracy Oasis Marina Resort, Tracy
       Activities: fishing... Bait and Tackle, Boating, Dry Storage, Fishing, Ne...
76    New Hope Landing & Trailer Park, Thornton
77    Tower Park Marina-Resort, Lodi
       Activities: swimming... Boating, Boat Rentals, Boat Sales, Cabins, Covered...
78    Walnut Grove Marina, Walnut Grove

San Mateo County California

79    Brisbane Marina, Brisbane
80    Oyster Cove Marina, South San Francisco
81    Port of Redwood City, Redwood City
82    Docktown Marina, Redwood City
83    Peninsula Marina, Redwood City
84    Peninsula Yacht Club, Redwood City
85    Oyster Point Marina, South San Francisco
       Activities: fishing and hiking...
86    Coyote Point Marina, San Mateo
       Tent Sites...

Santa Cruz County California

87    Capitola Boat & Bait, Capitola

Solano County California

88    Benicia Marina, Benicia
       Activities: boating and volley ball...
89    Suisun City Marina, Suisun City
90    Delta Marina Yacht Harbor, Rio Vista
       Activities: boating, fishing, sailing and power bo...
91    Glen Cove Marina Water Front, Vallejo

      California Marinas

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