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Lakes in Skamania County, Washington and Surrounding Areas

  1. Badger Lake
2. Deep Lake
3. Goose Lake
4. Holmstedt Lake
5. Home Lake

6. Kidney Lake
      It's nice....

7. Little Ashes Lake
      Since the previous post was negative, I was skepti...

8. Placid Lake
      It's sooooooo beautiful there!!!!!!!!!!!!111...

Hood River County
       9. Badger Lake, Hood River County
Jefferson County
       10. Lake Simtustus, Jefferson County
       11. Trout Lake, Jefferson County
Sherman County
Wasco County
       12. Pine Hollow Reservoir, Wasco County
Clark County

Washington Lakes

Unreviewed Lakes in Skamania County, Washington
Acker Lake
Ashes Lake
Basin Lakes
Bass Lake
Bear Lake
Bear Lake
Berge Reservoir
Big Mosquito Lake
Black Lake
Blue Lake
Blue Lake
Blue Lake
Blue Lakes
Boot Lake
Bowles Lakes
Brader Lake
Brush Lake
Carpenters Lake
Cattail Lake
Chain Of Lakes
Chenamus Lake
Clear Lake
Cold Spring Lake
Lake Comcomly
Council Lake
Crane Lake
Crescent Lake
Crystal Lake
Cultus Lake
Curtis Lake
Darlene Lake
Dee Lake
Deep Lake
Deer Lake
Deer Lake
Drano Lake
Duck Lake
East Lake
Elk Lake
Elk Lake
Eunice Lake
Evergreen Lake
Fern Lake
Forlorn Lakes
Franz Lake
French Lake
Frog Lake
Frog Lake
Ghost Lake
Gillette Lake
Grass Lake
Green Lake
Green Mountain Lake
Grizzly Lake
Hanaford Lake
Hazel Lake
Heart Lake
Heather Lake
Hidden Lake
Hidden Lake
Hoo Hoo Lake
Horseshoe Lake
Ice House Lake
Iman Lake
Indian Heaven Lakes
Island Lake
Janet Lake
Junction Lake
June Lake
Lake Kwaddis
Larson Lakes
Lava Lakes
Lemei Lake
Little Black Lake
Little Blue Lake
Little Brush Lake
Little Deep Lake
Little Fish Lake
Little Goose Lake
Little Iman Lake
Little Mosquito Lake
Little Rock Lake
Lonesome Lake
Long Lake
Lower Venus Lake
Martin Lake
Meadow Lake
Meta Lake
Middle Lake
Mosley Lakes
Mouse Lake
Naha Lake
New Lake
O Conner Lake
O'Conner Lake
Obscurity Lake
Olallie Lake
Panhandle Lake
Peggy Lake
Race Track Lakes
Rand Lake
Ridell Lake
Rock Creek Lake
Rock Lake
Ryan Lake
Lake Sahalee Tyee
Saint Charles Lake
Saint Helens Lake
Sardine Lake
Lake Sebago
Sheep Lake
Sheep Lakes
Shovel Lake
Smith Lake
Snow Lake
Soda Peaks Lake
South Prairie Lake
Spirit Lake
Spring Lake
Squaw Lake
Steamboat Lake
Strawberry Lake
Surprise Lakes
Swift Reservoir
Takhlakh Lake
Thomas Lake
Lake Toke Tie
Tombstone Lake
Twin Lakes
Lake Umtux
Venus Lake
Lake Wapiki
Wecoma Lake
Wishram Lake
Wood Lake
Zig Zag Lake

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