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Lakes in Deschutes County, Oregon and Surrounding Areas

1. Crane Prairie Reservoir
This lake is a good location for fishing.

2. Cultus Lake
      This is one of the best lakes in the area. it is c...

3. Davis Lake
      This website needs updating. I was there on Aug. 2...

4. Little Cultus Lake
      One of the best of the best small lakes i have fis...

5. Mayfield Pond
      People need to pick up after themselves. The place...

6. North Twin Lake
      Twin lakes are great. Beautifully serene and one o...

7. Paulina Lake
      1 PHOTO
Paulina Lake, great fishing....

8. Sparks Lake
      1 PHOTO
Sparks lake is a picture perfect high montain lake...

9. Wickiup Reservoir
      As a fisherman I have found that Wikiup Res, has g...

10. Winopee Lake
      Went to Winopee lake this weekend...it was a littl...

Crook County
       11. Prineville Reservoir, Crook County
Jefferson County
       12. Lake Simtustus, Jefferson County
       13. Trout Lake, Jefferson County
Klamath County
       14. Agency Lake, Klamath County
       15. Campbell Reservoir, Klamath County
       16. Crater Lake, Klamath County
       17. Crescent Lake, Klamath County
       18. Fourmile Lake, Klamath County
       19. Miller Lake, Klamath County
       20. Muckney Lake, Klamath County
       21. Upper Klamath Lake, Klamath County
       22. Yoran Lake, Klamath County
Lake County
       23. Albertson Reservoir, Lake County
       24. Summer Lake, Lake County
Wasco County
       25. Pine Hollow Reservoir, Wasco County

Oregon Lakes

Unreviewed Lakes in Deschutes County, Oregon
Baker Lake
Baldwin Waterhole
Barbie Lakes
Bare Lake
Barren Lake
Big Finger Lake
Big Three Creek Lake
Black Crater Lake
Blaze Lake
Blow Lake
Blowdown Lake
Bobby Lake
Bone Lake
Brahma Lake
Camelot Lake
Camp Lake
Carver Lake
Cathy Lake
Charlton Lake
Chewaucan Slough
Clark Lake
Comma Lake
Copper Lake
Corral Lake
Daly Reservoir
Deep Canyon Reservoir
Deer Lake
Demaris Lake
Dennis Lake
Desane Lake
Devils Lake
Doris Lake
Dry Lake
Dugout Lake
East Hanks Lake
East Lake
Elk Lake
Fehrenbacker Reservoir
Found Lake
Four O'Clock Lake
George Lake
Gerdine Lake
Gleneden Lake
Golden Lake
Goldeneye Lake
Green Lakes
Grouse Lake
Harlequin Lake
Heather Lake
Hidden Lake
Highway Waterhole
Hirsch Reservoir
Hortense Lake
Hosmer Lake
Irish Lake
Jay Lake
Jezebel Lake
Johnny Lake
Josephine Lake
Junco Lake
Kershaw Lake
Kinnikinnic Lake
Lady Lake
Lava Camp Lake
Lava Lake
Leech Lake
Lemish Lake
Lily Lake
Lindick Lake
Lions Lake
Little Finger Lake
Little Lava Lake
Little Three Creek Lake
Lodgepole Lake
Lois Lake
Long Lake
Lucky Lake
Matthieu Lakes
McKenzie Canyon Reservoir
Meadow Lake
Meeks Waterhole
Merle Lake
Middle Hanks Lake
Moraine Lake
Muskrat Lake
Navaho Lake
Nootnagle Reservoir
North Corral Lake
North Matthieu Lake
Peewee Lake
Phantom Lake
Pocket Lake
Pumice Waterhole
Puppy Lake
Pygmy Lake
Raft Lake
Ram Lake South Waterhole
Ram Lake Waterhole
Red Slide Lake
Riffle Lake
Rim Lake
Rim Waterhole
Rock Rim Lake
Senoj Lake
Shadow Lake
Simon Lake
Sisters Mirror Lake
Sisters Reservoir
Six Lakes
Snowshoe Lake
South Corral Lake
South Matthieu Lake
South Twin Lake
Squaw Creek Irrigation District Reservoir
Stagnant Lake
Stormy Lake
Strider Lake
Sundew Lake
Swampy Lakes
Swede Lake
Tam Lake
Taylor Lake
Teddy Lake
Three Creek Lake
Timmy Lake
Todd Lake
Torso Lake
Tranquil Lake
Tum Lake
Tumalo Lake
Twin Lakes
Upper Snowshoe Lake
Upper Tumalo Reservoir
Viewpoint Waterhole
West Hanks Lake
Yapoah Lake

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