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Lakes in Kent County, Michigan and Surrounding Areas

1. Big Crooked Lake
      This magnificent lake has 157 acres of surface are...

2. Dean Lake
      Small, shallow lake, small gills, small perch, lar...

3. Fisk Lake
      Fisk is a great lake to fish on. You must have a k...

4. Freska Lake
      My wife stumbled upon this thread looking for cott...

5. Lincoln Lake
This fine lake has 411 acres of surface area....

6. Mud Lake
      People do NOT go to Mud Lake. It's really just a w...

7. Murray Lake
The waters of this lake encompass some tremen...

8. Pickerel Lake
      I'm concerned about large areas of the water clogg...

9. Tek-E-Nink Lake
      1 PHOTO
Tek-E-Nink lake is a private lake with no public l...

10. Wabasis Lake
      This park boasts a boat launch onto Wabasis Lake. ...

Allegan County
       11. Base Line Lake, Allegan County
       12. Emerson Lake, Allegan County
       13. Goshorn Lake, Allegan County
       14. Green Lake, Allegan County
       15. Hodge Lake, Allegan County
       16. Hutchins Lake, Allegan County
       17. Lake Allegan, Allegan County
       18. Miner Lake, Allegan County
       19. Osterhout Lake, Allegan County
       20. Pike Lake, Allegan County
       21. Selkirk Lake, Allegan County
       22. Swan Lake, Allegan County
Barry County
       23. Barlow Lake, Barry County
       24. Bristol Lake, Barry County
       25. Chief Noonday Lake, Barry County
       26. Crooked Lake, Barry County
       27. Gun Lake, Barry County
       28. Jordan Lake, Barry County
       29. Little Pine Lake, Barry County
       30. Long Lake, Barry County
       31. Pine Lake, Barry County
       32. Wall Lake, Barry County
       33. Wilkinson Lake, Barry County
Calhoun County
       34. Ackley Lake, Calhoun County
       35. Duck Lake, Calhoun County
       36. Goguac Lake, Calhoun County
       37. Prairie Lake, Calhoun County
       38. Turtle Lake, Calhoun County
Clinton County
Eaton County
Gratiot County
Ionia County
       39. Long Lake, Ionia County
       40. Morrison Lake, Ionia County
       41. Sessions Lake, Ionia County
Isabella County
       42. Coldwater Lake, Isabella County
       43. Lake Isabella, Isabella County
       44. Scott Lake, Isabella County
Jackson County
       45. Lake Columbia, Jackson County
       46. Cooper Lake, Jackson County
       47. Crispell Lake, Jackson County
       48. Lime Lake, Jackson County
       49. Norvell Lake, Jackson County
       50. Wamplers Lake, Jackson County
Kalamazoo County
       51. Austin Lake, Kalamazoo County
       52. Campbell Lake, Kalamazoo County
       53. Crooked Lake, Kalamazoo County
       54. Eagle Lake, Kalamazoo County
       55. Gull Lake, Kalamazoo County
       56. Hampton Lake, Kalamazoo County
       57. Howard Lake, Kalamazoo County
       58. Indian Lake, Kalamazoo County
       59. Long Lake, Kalamazoo County
Mason County
       60. Long Lake, Mason County
       61. Pere Marquette Lake, Mason County
       62. Round Lake, Mason County
Mecosta County
       63. Blue Lake, Mecosta County
       64. Boom Lake, Mecosta County
       65. Chippewa Lake, Mecosta County
       66. Clear Lake, Mecosta County
       67. Horsehead Lake, Mecosta County
       68. Hunt Lake, Mecosta County
       69. Jehnsen Lake, Mecosta County
       70. Lake Mecosta, Mecosta County
       71. Pretty Lake, Mecosta County
       72. Round Lake, Mecosta County
Montcalm County
       73. Baldwin Lake, Montcalm County
       74. Little Whitefish Lake, Montcalm County
       75. Rainbow Lake, Montcalm County
Muskegon County
       76. Mona Lake, Muskegon County
       77. Muskegon Lake, Muskegon County
       78. Twin Lakes, Muskegon County
       79. White Lake, Muskegon County
Newaygo County
       80. Blacksmith Lake, Newaygo County
Oceana County
       81. Campbell Lake, Oceana County
       82. Lake Michigan, Oceana County
       83. Pentwater Lake, Oceana County
       84. Silver Lake, Oceana County
       85. Stony Lake, Oceana County
Ottawa County
       86. Lake Jabocena, Ottawa County
       87. Lake Macatawa, Ottawa County
Van Buren County
       88. Bankson Lake, Van Buren County
       89. Buell Lake, Van Buren County
       90. Christie Lake, Van Buren County
       91. Gravel Lake, Van Buren County
       92. Great Bear Lake, Van Buren County
       93. Huzzy Lake, Van Buren County
       94. Maple Lake, Van Buren County
       95. Reynolds Lake, Van Buren County
       96. Round Lake, Van Buren County
       97. Rush Lake, Van Buren County
       98. Silver Lake, Van Buren County
       99. Van Auken Lake, Van Buren County
       100. Lake of the Woods, Van Buren County

Michigan Lakes

Unreviewed Lakes in Kent County, Michigan
Angel Lake
Austin Lake
Bailey Lake
Ball Lake
Banks Lake
Barber Lake
Bass Lake
Baumhoff Lake
Bearslee Lake
Big Pine Island Lake
Black Lake
Black Lake
Blodgett Lake
Blue Lake
Bostwick Lake
Bowen Lake
Breford Lake
Brower Lake
Brown Lake
Buck Lake
Bunker Lake
Bush Lake
Byrne Lake
Camp Lake
Camp Lake
Campau Lake
Campbell Lake
Carlton Lake
Cedar Lake
Chapin Lake
Chase Lake
Chrishaven Lake
Church Lake
Clarke Lake
Clear Bottom Lake
Clear Lake
Cobb Lake
Cole Lake
Cordes Lake
County Line Lake
Cowan Lake
Lake Cowden
Crawford Lake
Davis Lake
Deer Lake
Downs Lake
Duck Lake
Duga Lake
Duitelmans Lake
Dunlop Lake
East Lake
Echo Lake
Elk Lake
Emerald Lake
Emmons Lake
Erickson Lake
Flat Iron Lake
Gavin Lake
Gidding Lake
Grass Lake
Green Lake
Halfmile Lake
Hanna Lake
Hart Lake
Harvard Lake
Helena Lake
Hidden Lake
High Lake
Hilton Lake
Hopkins Lake
Horseshoe Lake
Hoskins Lake
Howard Lake
Hull Lake
Hyser Lake
Indian Lakes
Ke-wag-a-wan Lake
Kettle Lake
Krafts Lake
Lamberton Lake
Lemunyon Lake
Lewis Lake
Lim Lake
Little Blue Lake
Little Bostwick Lake
Little Brower Lake
Little Muskrat Lake
Little Myers Lake
Little Pine Island Lake
Little Ziegenfuss Lake
Logan Lake
Long Lake
Low Lake
Lower Lake
Mason Lake
Maston Lake
McCarthy Lake
McEwen Lake
Mead Lake
Meek Lake
Mid Lake
Middle Lake
Mirror Lake
Morgan Lake
Morse Lake
Muskrat Lake
Myers Lake
Nelson Lake
No-Ko-Mos Lake
Olin Lakes
Palmer Lake
Paradise Lake
Perch Lake
Perrin Lake
Pine Lake
Pratt Lake
Ratigan Lake
Reed Lake
Reeds Lake
Rexford Lake
Riley Lake
Ross Lake
Round Lake
Lake Saint Jude
Sand Lake
Sandbottom Lake
Saugage Lake
Saul Lake
Scally Lake
Scott Lake
Scram Lake
Shadow Lake
Silver Lake
Slayton Lake
Snow Lake
Soft Water Lake
Spring Lake
Spring Lake
Squaw Lake
Steele Lake
Stevenson Lake
Stocking Lake
Stoner Lake
Sunfish Lake
Tamarack Lake
Thomas Lake
Toohey Lake
Truax Lake
Twin Lake
Twin Lakes
Underwood Lake
Upper Lake
Versluis Lake
Walden Lake
Wallace Lake
Ware Lake
Wegal Lake
West Lake
Whit Lake
Whitten Lake
Wilson Lake
Wolf Lake
Wood Lake
Woodbeck Lake
Ziegenfuss Lake

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