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Lakes in Steuben County, Indiana and Surrounding Areas

  1. Lake Anne
2. Lake Arrowhead

3. Ball Lake
       Popular activities on Ball Lake consist of boatin...

4. Barton Lake
      Barton Lake is a picturesque 94 acre lake. Great e...
5. Bass Lake
6. Beaverdam Lake
7. Bell Lake
8. Big Otter Lake

9. Big Turkey Lake
       Big Turkey Lake is a pretty 450 acre lake. Splend...
10. Black Lake
11. Booth Lake
12. Bower Lake
13. Brown Lake
14. Buck Lake

15. Center Lake
       Center Lake has some delightful channel catfish, ...
16. Chair Factory Lake
17. Lake Charles West
18. Cheeseboro Lake

19. Clear Lake
      Sowles Bay Yacht Club is on Lake James, not on Cle...
20. Crockett Lake

21. Crooked Lake
      Great walleye and bass fishing....
22. Deep Lake
23. Failing Lake
24. Fee Lake
25. First Basin

26. Fish Lake
      This lake has some fantastic crappie and bass fish...

27. Fox Lake
      I have found a greatly enjoyable ice fishing spot ...

28. Lake Gage
      This is the most beautiful lake I have ever seen!!...
29. Lake George
30. Golden Lake
31. Gooseneck Lake
32. Grass Lake
33. Gravel Pit Lake
34. Green Lake
35. Green Lake

36. Hamilton Lake
      This tremendous lake has 15 miles of shoreline and...
37. Handy Lake
38. Henry Lake
39. Hog Lake

40. Hogback Lake
       This lake is a pretty 146 acre lake.
In this ...
41. Howard Lake
42. Jackson Lake

43. Lake James
      Is there any fishing shops around Lake James?...Lake James is a great sand bottom glacial lake. Po...

44. Jimmerson Lake
      This lake is a striking 305 acre lake....
45. Johnson Lake
46. Johnson Lake
47. Jonley Lake
48. Lake Charles East
49. Lake Charles West

50. Lake Pleasant
      Lake Pleasant does not have any free public access...
51. Lime Lake
52. Lime Lake
53. Limekiln Lake
54. Little Bower Lake
55. Little Center Lake
56. Little Otter Lake
57. Little Turkey Lake
58. Lone Hickory Lake

59. Long Beach Lake
      This lake has no public access site.It is possible...
60. Long Lake
61. Long Lake
62. Lake Lonidaw
63. Loon Lake
64. Lower Basin

65. Marsh Lake
      This lake is accessible from the public access sit...
66. McClish Lake
67. Meserve Lake
68. Middle Basin
69. Middle Center Lake

70. Lake Minfenokee
      This lake is surrounded by private property, it is...
71. Mink Lake
72. Mirror Lake
73. Mud Lake
74. Mud Lake
75. Mud Lake
76. Mud Lake

77. Otter Lake
      Otter Lake is a pretty 190 acre lake....
78. Perch Lake
79. Perfect Lake
80. Pigeon Lake
81. Pine Canyon Lake

82. Pleasant Lake
       This delightful lake has 425 acres of surface are...
83. Reed Lakes
84. Rhodes Lake
85. Round Lake
86. Round Lake
87. Sally Owen Lake
88. Second Basin
89. Seven Sisters Lakes
90. Shallow Lake
91. Silver Lake
92. Snow Lake
93. Stayner Lake
94. Lake Syl-van
95. Tamarack Lake
96. Tamarack Lake
97. Third Basin
98. Upper Basin
99. Walters Lake
100. Warner Lake
101. Lake of the Woods

Adams County
Allen County
       20. Cedarville Reservoir, Allen County
       21. Lake Everett, Allen County
De Kalb County
Grant County
Huntington County
       22. Clair Lake, Huntington County
Kosciusko County
       23. Banning Lake, Kosciusko County
       24. Beaver Dam Lake, Kosciusko County
       25. Big Barbee Lake, Kosciusko County
       26. Big Chapman Lake, Kosciusko County
       27. Crystal Lake, Kosciusko County
       28. Dewart Lake, Kosciusko County
       29. Diamond Lake, Kosciusko County
       30. Goose Lake, Kosciusko County
       31. Hoffman Lake, Kosciusko County
       32. Irish Lake, Kosciusko County
       33. Kuhn Lake, Kosciusko County
       34. Little Barbee Lake, Kosciusko County
       35. Little Chapman Lake, Kosciusko County
       36. Pike Lake, Kosciusko County
       37. Sawmill Lake, Kosciusko County
       38. Sechrist Lake, Kosciusko County
       39. Sherburn Lake, Kosciusko County
       40. Syracuse Lake, Kosciusko County
       41. Tippecanoe Lake, Kosciusko County
       42. Lake Wawasee, Kosciusko County
       43. Webster Lake, Kosciusko County
       44. Yellow Creek Lake, Kosciusko County
Lagrange County
       45. Petty Lake, Lagrange County
Noble County
       46. Big Lake, Noble County
       47. Diamond Lake, Noble County
       48. Engle Lake, Noble County
       49. Harper Lake, Noble County
       50. Knapp Lake, Noble County
       51. Silver Lake, Noble County
       52. Upper Long Lake, Noble County
       53. Wible Lake, Noble County
Wabash County
       54. Salamonie Lake, Wabash County
Wells County
Whitley County
       55. Brown Lake, Whitley County
       56. Catfish Lake, Whitley County
       57. Loon Lake, Whitley County
       58. Old Lake, Whitley County
       59. Robinson Lake, Whitley County
Branch County
       60. Lake Bartholomew, Branch County
       61. Baw Beese Lake, Branch County
       62. Lake Bricker, Branch County
       63. Lake George, Branch County
       64. Huyck Lake, Branch County
       65. Lake Lavine, Branch County
       66. Marble Lake, Branch County
       67. Matteson Lake, Branch County
       68. Silver Lake, Branch County
       69. Tuttle Lake, Branch County
       70. Lake of the Woods, Branch County
Calhoun County
       71. Ackley Lake, Calhoun County
       72. Duck Lake, Calhoun County
       73. Goguac Lake, Calhoun County
       74. Prairie Lake, Calhoun County
       75. Turtle Lake, Calhoun County
Cass County
       76. Barron Lake, Cass County
       77. Christiana Lake, Cass County
       78. Coberts Lake, Cass County
       79. Diamond Lake, Cass County
       80. Donnell Lake, Cass County
       81. Driskels Lake, Cass County
       82. Finch Lake, Cass County
       83. Garver Lake, Cass County
       84. Harwood Lake, Cass County
       85. Indiana Lake, Cass County
       86. Juno Lake, Cass County
       87. Little Fish Lake, Cass County
       88. Long Lake, Cass County
       89. Magician Lake, Cass County
       90. Pine Lake, Cass County
       91. Pleasant Lake, Cass County
       92. Priest Lake, Cass County
       93. Puterbaugh Lake, Cass County
       94. Round Lake, Cass County
       95. Saddlebag Lake, Cass County
       96. Shavehead Lake, Cass County
Hillsdale County
       97. Bird Lake, Hillsdale County
       98. Long Lake, Hillsdale County
       99. Loon Lake, Hillsdale County
       100. Round Lake, Hillsdale County
       101. Lake Somerset, Hillsdale County
       102. Turner Lake, Hillsdale County
Ingham County
       103. Jones Lake, Ingham County
       104. Mud Lake, Ingham County
Jackson County
       105. Lake Columbia, Jackson County
       106. Cooper Lake, Jackson County
       107. Crispell Lake, Jackson County
       108. Lime Lake, Jackson County
       109. Norvell Lake, Jackson County
       110. Wamplers Lake, Jackson County
Kalamazoo County
       111. Austin Lake, Kalamazoo County
       112. Campbell Lake, Kalamazoo County
       113. Crooked Lake, Kalamazoo County
       114. Eagle Lake, Kalamazoo County
       115. Gull Lake, Kalamazoo County
       116. Hampton Lake, Kalamazoo County
       117. Howard Lake, Kalamazoo County
       118. Indian Lake, Kalamazoo County
       119. Long Lake, Kalamazoo County
Lenawee County
       120. Devils Lake, Lenawee County
       121. Lake Adrian, Lenawee County
       122. Sand Lake, Lenawee County
       123. Stony Lake, Lenawee County
Saint Joseph County
Allen County
Defiance County
       124. Camp Lakota Boy Scout Lake, Defiance County
       125. Defiance Reservoir, Defiance County
       126. Oxbow Lake, Defiance County
Fulton County
Henry County
Paulding County
Putnam County
Van Wert County
Williams County

Indiana Lakes

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