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Lakes in St Joseph County, Indiana and Surrounding Areas


Elkhart County
       1. Goshen Dam Pond, Elkhart County
       2. Heaton Lake, Elkhart County
       3. Simonton Lake, Elkhart County
       4. Yellow Creek Lake, Elkhart County
Fulton County
       5. Fletcher Lake, Fulton County
       6. Lake Manitou, Fulton County
       7. Nyona Lake, Fulton County
Huntington County
       8. Clair Lake, Huntington County
Jasper County
Kosciusko County
       9. Banning Lake, Kosciusko County
       10. Beaver Dam Lake, Kosciusko County
       11. Big Barbee Lake, Kosciusko County
       12. Big Chapman Lake, Kosciusko County
       13. Crystal Lake, Kosciusko County
       14. Dewart Lake, Kosciusko County
       15. Diamond Lake, Kosciusko County
       16. Goose Lake, Kosciusko County
       17. Hoffman Lake, Kosciusko County
       18. Irish Lake, Kosciusko County
       19. Kuhn Lake, Kosciusko County
       20. Little Barbee Lake, Kosciusko County
       21. Little Chapman Lake, Kosciusko County
       22. Pike Lake, Kosciusko County
       23. Sawmill Lake, Kosciusko County
       24. Sechrist Lake, Kosciusko County
       25. Sherburn Lake, Kosciusko County
       26. Syracuse Lake, Kosciusko County
       27. Tippecanoe Lake, Kosciusko County
       28. Lake Wawasee, Kosciusko County
       29. Webster Lake, Kosciusko County
       30. Yellow Creek Lake, Kosciusko County
La Porte County
Lagrange County
       31. Petty Lake, Lagrange County
Marshall County
       32. Dixon Lake, Marshall County
       33. Lake Maxinkuckee, Marshall County
       34. Lawrence Lake, Marshall County
       35. Myers Lake, Marshall County
       36. Pretty Lake, Marshall County
Miami County
       37. Mississinewa Lake, Miami County
Noble County
       38. Big Lake, Noble County
       39. Diamond Lake, Noble County
       40. Engle Lake, Noble County
       41. Harper Lake, Noble County
       42. Knapp Lake, Noble County
       43. Silver Lake, Noble County
       44. Upper Long Lake, Noble County
       45. Wible Lake, Noble County
Porter County
       46. Flint Lake, Porter County
       47. Lake Louise, Porter County
       48. Long Lake, Porter County
       49. Lake Minnehaha, Porter County
Pulaski County
Starke County
       50. Bass Lake, Starke County
       51. Hartz Lake, Starke County
       52. Koontz Lake, Starke County
       53. Langenbaum Lake, Starke County
Wabash County
       54. Salamonie Lake, Wabash County
White County
       55. Lake Freeman, White County
Whitley County
       56. Brown Lake, Whitley County
       57. Catfish Lake, Whitley County
       58. Loon Lake, Whitley County
       59. Old Lake, Whitley County
       60. Robinson Lake, Whitley County
Allegan County
       61. Base Line Lake, Allegan County
       62. Emerson Lake, Allegan County
       63. Goshorn Lake, Allegan County
       64. Green Lake, Allegan County
       65. Hodge Lake, Allegan County
       66. Hutchins Lake, Allegan County
       67. Lake Allegan, Allegan County
       68. Miner Lake, Allegan County
       69. Osterhout Lake, Allegan County
       70. Pike Lake, Allegan County
       71. Selkirk Lake, Allegan County
       72. Swan Lake, Allegan County
Berrien County
       73. Lake Chapin, Berrien County
       74. Little Paw Paw Lake, Berrien County
       75. Paw Paw Lake, Berrien County
       76. Pipestone Lake, Berrien County
Cass County
       77. Barron Lake, Cass County
       78. Christiana Lake, Cass County
       79. Coberts Lake, Cass County
       80. Diamond Lake, Cass County
       81. Donnell Lake, Cass County
       82. Driskels Lake, Cass County
       83. Finch Lake, Cass County
       84. Garver Lake, Cass County
       85. Harwood Lake, Cass County
       86. Indiana Lake, Cass County
       87. Juno Lake, Cass County
       88. Little Fish Lake, Cass County
       89. Long Lake, Cass County
       90. Magician Lake, Cass County
       91. Pine Lake, Cass County
       92. Pleasant Lake, Cass County
       93. Priest Lake, Cass County
       94. Puterbaugh Lake, Cass County
       95. Round Lake, Cass County
       96. Saddlebag Lake, Cass County
       97. Shavehead Lake, Cass County
Kalamazoo County
       98. Austin Lake, Kalamazoo County
       99. Campbell Lake, Kalamazoo County
       100. Crooked Lake, Kalamazoo County
       101. Eagle Lake, Kalamazoo County
       102. Gull Lake, Kalamazoo County
       103. Hampton Lake, Kalamazoo County
       104. Howard Lake, Kalamazoo County
       105. Indian Lake, Kalamazoo County
       106. Long Lake, Kalamazoo County
Saint Joseph County
Van Buren County
       107. Bankson Lake, Van Buren County
       108. Buell Lake, Van Buren County
       109. Christie Lake, Van Buren County
       110. Gravel Lake, Van Buren County
       111. Great Bear Lake, Van Buren County
       112. Huzzy Lake, Van Buren County
       113. Maple Lake, Van Buren County
       114. Reynolds Lake, Van Buren County
       115. Round Lake, Van Buren County
       116. Rush Lake, Van Buren County
       117. Silver Lake, Van Buren County
       118. Van Auken Lake, Van Buren County
       119. Lake of the Woods, Van Buren County

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