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Lakes in Lassen County, California and Surrounding Areas

1. Ballard Reservoir
      Ballard is a load of fun!...

2. Betty Lake
      Betty Lake is located approximately 3 miles southe...
3. Bull Pine Reservoir
4. Bullard Lake
5. Caribou Lake

6. Eagle Lake
      Eagle Lake in Lassen County in northeastern CA doe...

7. Hidden Lake
      If you plan to go to hidden lake, bring camping ge...

Butte County
       8. Concow Reservoir, Butte County
       9. Horseshoe Lake, Butte County
       10. Lake De Sabla, Butte County
       11. Lake Oroville, Butte County
       12. Lost Creek Reservoir, Butte County
       13. Philbrook Reservoir, Butte County
Modoc County
       14. Lily Lake, Modoc County
Plumas County
       15. Bear Lake, Plumas County
       16. Echo Lake, Plumas County
       17. Lake Almanor, Plumas County
       18. Round Valley Reservoir, Plumas County
       19. Snake Lake, Plumas County
Sierra County
       20. Sand Pond, Sierra County
       21. Webber Lake, Sierra County
       22. Young America Lake, Sierra County
Tehama County
       23. Black Butte Lake, Tehama County
       24. Hog Lake, Tehama County
Yuba County
       25. Harry L. Englebright Lake, Yuba County
       26. Lake Francis, Yuba County
       27. Merle Collins Reservoir, Yuba County

California Lakes

Unreviewed Lakes in Lassen County, California
Abbott Reservoir
Acre Foot Reservoir
Adobe Reservoir
Ambrose Reservoir
Ashurst Lake
Bagwell Reservoir
Bailey Reservoir
Bald Mountain Reservoir
Bald Ridges Reservoir
Baldy Reservoir
Barrell Pit Reservoir
Barry Reservoir
Bathtub Lake
Bear Lake
Bear Valley Reservoir
Beauty Lake
Beaver Creek Reservoir
Big Dry Lake
Big Jack Lake
Big Meadows Reservoir
Biscar Reservoir
Black Lake
Blacks Lake
Blue Lake
Blue Water
Boffengers Reservoir
Boot Lake
Bootleg Reservoir
Branham Reservoir
Buckhorn Lake
Buckhorn Reservoir
Buckhorn Waterhole
Bufflehead Reservoir
Busters Reservoir
Butte Lake
Calneva Lake
Cary Reservoir
Catfish Reservoir
Catfish Reservoir
Chalk Bluff Reservoir
Chico Flat Reservoir
Clark Reservoir
Clay Flat Reservoir
Cleghorn Reservoir
Colman Lake
Cone Lake
Corders Reservoir
Corral Valley Reservoir
Cow Lake
Cowboy Lake
Coyote Hole
Coyote Hole
Coyote Reservoir
Craemer Reservoir
Crater Lake
Crum Reservoir
Crystal Lake
Cypress Lake
Deadhorse Reservoir
Deerheart Lake
Dillion Lake
Dobe Flat Reservoir
Dodge Reservoir
Dodge Reservoir
Double Take Reservoir
Drift Fence Reservoir
Dry Lake
Dry Lake
Dry Lake
Ducasse Reservoir
Duck Lake
Duck Lake
Duck Lake
Dunn Reservoir
Dunn Reservoir
East Lake
East Side Reservoir
Ebey Lake
Eleanor Lake
Elmers Reservoir
Emerald Lake
Emerson Lake
Evelyn Lake
Feather Lake
Fleming Reservoir
Fredonyer Reservoir
Freebe Reservoir
Gem Lake
Glade Reservoir
Glen Lake
Gordon Lake
Hagata Reservoir
Half Cabin Reservoir
Hardin Reservoir
Hartson Lake
Hatfield Reservoir
Hazelton Reservoir
Heath Dam Reservoir
Hidden Lakes
Hog Flat Reservoir
Hog Valley Reservoir
Holbrook Reservoir
Homer Lake
Honey Lake
Hoover Flat Reservoir
Horse Lake
Horse Meadow Reservoir
Horsecamp Reservoir
Houseman Camp Reservoir
Indian Reservoir
Island Lake
Jacks Lake
Jakey Lake
Jewel Lake
Juniper Lake
Juniper Lake
Juniper Spring Reservoir
Lake Leavitt
Lane Reservoir
Lava Rock Reservoir
Little Cleghorn Reservoir
Little Coyote Reservoir
Little Jacks Lake
Little Tule Lake
Long Flat Reservoir
Long Lake
Long Lake
Long Lake
Long Reservoir
Loomis Reservoir
Lost Lake
Lost Valley Reservoir
Lower Dry Lake
Mahogany Lake
Mapes Lake
McClelland Reservoir
McCoy Flat Reservoir
Mendiboure Reservoir
Moll Reservoir
Moon Lake
Morton Reservoir
Mountain Meadows Reservoir
Mud Flat Reservoir
Mud Lake
Mule Deer Flat Reservoir
Myers Reservoir
Nagel Reservoir
Nelson Corral Reservoir
Newland Reservoir
Nine Springs Reservoir
North Divide Lake
Lake Norvell
Off Stream Reservoir
Packwood Reservoir
Pine Lake
Pinecone Reservoir
Poison Lake
Posey Lake
Powell Reservoir
Rager Reservoir
Railroad Reservoir
Red Rock Lake
Rice Lake
Ridenoure Reservoir
Rim Lake
Round Corral Reservoir
Round Valley Reservoir
Saddle Horse Flat Reservoir
Said Valley Reservoir
Schoonamaker Lake
Schrode Lake
Shays Hole Reservoir
Shoestring Reservoir
Shotoverin Lake
Shugru Reservoir
Signal Butte Reservoir
Silva Flat Reservoir
Silver Lake
Smith Reservoir
Smoke Creek Reservoir
Snag Lake
Snider Lake
Snider Waterhole
South Divide Lake
South Fork Reservoir
Spaulding Reservoir
Spooner Reservoir
Spring Gulch Reservoir
Spring Hill Reservoir
Steel Post Reservoir
Stratton Reservoir
Straylor Lake
Streshley Reservoir
Summit Lake
Summit Lake
Swains Hole
Swanberger Reservoir
Sworinger Reservoir
Tamarack Reservoir
Teal Lake
Thompson Reservoir
Threemile Reservoir
Tire Body Reservoir
Toll House Reservoir
Tom Spring Reservoir
Trail Lake
Triangle Lake
Tule Lake
Turnaround Lake
Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes
Union Reservoir
Van Loan Reservoir
Van Sickle Lake
Van Sickle Reservoir
Wagontire Reservoir
Wards Lake
Whit Flat Reservoir
White Horse Reservoir
Widow Lake
Wild Horse Reservoir
Williams Reservoir
Willow Lake
Wing Reservoir

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