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Lakes in Apache County, Arizona and Surrounding Areas

  1. A One Lake
2. Anderson Lake
3. Antelope Lake
4. Atcheson Reservoir
5. Baca Lake
6. Barth Lake
7. Basin Lake
8. Be Akeghalchee

9. Becker Lake
       This lake is a picturesque 107 acre lake.
10. Bekihatso
11. Big Dam Reservoir

12. Big Lake
      My name is Rosemary Verduzco and me and family hav...

13. Big Lake
      Due to low snow in the past several years, Big Lak...

14. Big Lake
       This lake is a pretty 532 acre lake featuring a s...
15. Big Lake

16. Blue Lake
      This is on the Ft Apache Indian Reservation, check...
17. Boney Lake
18. Boynton Lake
19. Bunch Reservoir
20. Butler Tak

21. CC Lake
      CC Lake is a marshy area and not a lake. About the...
22. Carnero Lake
23. Cedar Lake Reservoir
24. Cheney Lake
25. Cheyney Lake

26. Christmas Tree Lake
      This lake is on the Ft. Apache Indian Reservation ...

27. Colter Reservoir
      Colter reservoir does not hold water, it is an ope...

28. Concho Lake
       Fish in Concho Lake include sunfish, cutthroat tr...
29. Corner Lake
30. Coronado Evaporation Reservoir
31. Cover Lake

32. Crescent Lake
      Gabaldon campground is limited to campers with hor...
33. Damon Lake
34. Deep Lake

35. Dipping Vat Reservoir
      Pretty country, but not much else to draw people t...
36. Drift Fence Lake
37. Dry Lake
38. Dry Lakes
39. Duck Lake

40. Earl Park Lake
      7-24-09 caught six rainbows. The largest was twent...
41. Elk Wallow Lake
42. Ellis Wiltbank Reservoir
43. Firebox Lake
44. Flat Rock Reservoir
45. Fluted Rock Lake
46. Francisco Lake
47. Ganado Lake
48. Geneva Reservoir
49. Glen Livet Reservoir

50. Gooseberry Dam Lake
      Check tribal regulations, I believe this is in a c...
51. Greer Lakes
52. Gust Reservoir
53. H-V Reservoir
54. Halfmoon Lake

55. Hawley Lake
      Reservation permits required.... This magnificent lake has 10 miles of shoreline a...

56. Hay Lake
      Hay Lake is pretty much a marsh most of the year....

57. Hidden Lake
      The Hidden lake area is closed to motorized vehicl...

58. Hidden Lake
      Not a fishing lake....
59. Hidden Lake
60. Hidden Lake

61. Hog Wallow Lake
      Not a fishing lake. Can be good for wildlife viewi...
62. Hogan Lake
63. Lake Hole

64. Horseshoe Cienega Lake
      Check tribal regulations. Non-members will need pe...
65. Hulsey Lake
66. Hulsey Lake

67. Hurricane Lake
      Restricted entry, check tribal regulations for pro...

68. Jarvis Lake
      Not much flowing water in Auger Creek....
69. Jeff Lake
70. Judd Lake
71. Kearn Lake

72. Lee Valley Reservoir
      Gabaldon campground is restricted to campers with ...
73. Little George Reservoir
74. Little Ortega Lake
75. Little Reservoir
76. Loggers Bog
77. Long Lake
78. Long Lake
79. Long Tree Lake

80. Luna Lake
      This lake is a picturesque 120 acre lake. Luna Lak...

81. Lyman Lake
       This splendid lake has 20 miles of shoreline and ...
82. Many Farms Lake
83. Maverick Lake
84. McKay Reservoir
85. Mexican Hay Lake
86. Michigan Lake
87. Nelson Reservoir
88. Norton Reservoir
89. Nutrioso Reservoir
90. Ortega Lake

91. Pacheta Lake
      Tough lake to fish. Small fish, shallow water, hea...
92. Pancho Spring Reservoir
93. Pat Knoll Lake
94. Pine Lake
95. Pine Spring Reservoir
96. Pool Corral Lake
97. Porter Lake
98. Pratt Lake
99. Prime Lake
100. Quartzite Wash Reservoir
101. Rabbit Water

102. Reagan Reservoir
      Reagan is normally dry except in the spring or in ...
103. Red Lake
104. Red Lake

105. Red Lake
      Red Lake is a pretty 611 acre lake....

106. Reservation Lake
      1 PHOTO
There is restricted entry to Hurricane lake! Check...
107. Riggs Creek Reservoir
108. Rioso Reservoir
109. River Reservoir

110. River Reservoir
      Hoyer and Benny Creek campgrounds are close by....
111. Rogers Lake
112. Rogers Reservoir
113. Round Rock Lake
114. Round Rock Reservoir
115. Rudd Reservoir
116. Russell Reservoir
117. Saint Josephs Reservoir
118. Saint Marys Lake
119. Laguna Salada
120. San Juan Lake
121. San Salvador Reservoir

122. Shush Be Tou
      Tribal lands, check regulations for proper permits...

123. Shush Bezahze
      Tribal lands, check regulations for proper permits...
124. Sides Lake
125. Lake Sierra Blanca
126. Slade Reservoir
127. Soda Lake
128. Sorenson Lake
129. Spec Tnak
130. Sponseller Lake
131. Squaw Lake
132. Straddling Lake

133. Sunnyside Reservoir
      Only has water in the wet season. Rough road getti...

134. Sunrise Lake
      The A-1 lake campground has been closed for years....
135. Terry Lake
136. Toh Ah Glau
137. Toh De Niihe
138. Toh Del Toshi Hydrant
139. Tolani

140. Tonto Lake
      Tonto lake is on the Fort Apache Reservation and i...

141. Trinity Reservoir
      Most of these lakes go dry....
142. Tsaile Lake

143. Tunnel Reservoir
      Hoyer and Benny Creek campgrounds are close by....
144. Turkey Reservoir
145. Walker Creek Reservoir
146. Walls Lake
147. Water Canyon Reservoir
148. Wheatfields Lake
149. Whiskey Reservoir

150. White Mountain Reservoir
      It used to be a good trout lake. Tell the truth. I...
151. White Water Reservoir
152. Wild Cow Lake
153. Wiregrass Lake
154. Woods Lake
155. Zion Reservoir

Navajo County
       39. Pintail Lake, Navajo County
       40. Rainbow Lake, Navajo County
       41. Telephone Lake, Navajo County
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