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Square Lake

 Friday, May 16, 2 P.M. My daughter and I brought two water breed puppies to cool off as it is 70 degrees. We have 15 foot training leashes to aid us in water toy retrieval. The care taker was painting the outhouse came over and pointed out the leash sign. We were alone; no other patron in sight. We put the puppies on the training leashes to fetch pine cones in the lake. The care taker came over to complain that it was not a six foot leash. The dogs were in control
    within a eight foot distance. How does a puppy fetch in the water on a six foot leash? Upon leaving we turned away another dog/owner from a county park that is covered in goose/duck dropping causing warnings to be posted as to swimmers'
itch. Amazingly dogs on a leash is such a bad thing and the biohazard of fowl is acceptable in our county parks. We for one, will never go to this park again. We will endorse Howe and Bandix dog parks. Our monies will not be used to support places were we cannot relax and play with our dogs without being harped at for the length of our leashes, the types of dogs we love and where we as humans are at risk for becoming ill from bird droppings. (Fri, 16 May 2008)  
    Says Alice & Kate Cameron

I was out bicycling this morning and discovered this state park. It is not on the official listing of Washington State Parks. The park is day use only with picnic tables and a boat launch for car-top
 boats. Except for one house (caretaker?) there is no development around the lake reminds me of lakes I've found in the backcountry. I'll be taking my family to this lake for canoeing and picnicking. Says Robert Bunney


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