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Arbor Lake

 I was there 5/18/14, and I saw maybe 8 ducks and 3 chicks. The lake and area looked clean and felt safe. Kids were playing on the playground. Relaxing... Says Neighbor

I have lived near Arbor Lake for most of my life and yeah there's a bum. Oh well, it does not mean it's not safe. It's safe enough that he has lived down there for about 2 years so far. I fish down there a lot. I am not worry about it -- the bum. I have said hi to him a few times. He is
    just a guy that is Homeless, and the cops have been down there lately now that its part of Burien, and the gang members or criminals are only there around the later hours of the night when the park closed. But the cops are on it,
so it should get fixed soon and there's lots of fish in it. There are bass, perch trout catfish, some carp, frogs, and turtles. It's a nice little lake. It just has some problems. Says Jimmy

Arbor lake is a great place to fish. Don't believe come during the summer and you'll see us catching like crazy!! Says Anonymous

This lake has been in terrible condition each time I have visited it. There is gang tagging all over the property, human and animal
    feces and human vomit around the lake. Beer bottles and trash littered the lakeside. It has had no waterfowl activity on the lake and it looks like a site simply for storm water to drain in. On one of my visits, I observed a vagrant
 sort of camping out in edge of the lake. I did not feel safe strolling around the lake alone. The houses around the lake were heavily gated for security. So I suggest that you not plan on fishing, swimming or picnicking around this lake without exercising extreme caution. Says CE


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