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Vilbig Lakes

 62y.o. Irving resident of nearly fifty years now living in Plano. Lots of changes in dear ol'' Irving since I was in 1st grade Plymouth Park Elem., St. Lukes, Central Elem., Bow ie Jr. High and Irving High , off to Okla. for three yrs. and back to So. Irving as fast as I could get there in 1967. Growing up and raising three kids in so.Irving, afforded me lots of ti me to discover the real hidden treasures which I knew existed when I was 5 or6 yrs. old. Vilbig
    is where I caught my first bass. There were several smaller lakes or pits, as referred to by my dad and uncles and others who came to fish . Most of those were south of the original lake and were covered by 10 to 15 ft. of shale.
The catfish lakes, located near the old house at Oakdale and Vilbig Rd.( now Mac Arthur Bl.) were drained at their west bank by the dredging crew and were eventually part of the new lake project. Incidentally , that crew knew how to empty fish holding ponds and reward themselves with choice channel cat. I expect there were some fine fish frys during the next few mos. Still, quite a number of channel cat were released into the newly dredged area only,because  
    the dam on original Vilbig had not been notched.(15 ft. wide x 2ft. deep) This small cut was located at the dam , fairly close to the south east shoreline. That was the end of an era. No more driving the full length of the dam to
 gain easier access to the east shoreline. This never was a problem to me because I had duel access to the lake, including a key to the gate at Russdell and Oakdale. Also known to myself and a few others ( friends and relatives and maybe a couple of neighbors)countless locations of fish producing gravel pits and small lakes south of Shady Says Larry D.Schmitz


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