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Nine Corner Lake

 I am wodering if anyone has any recent photo of this beautiful Nine Corner Lake. Could you please share? Thank you in advance :-) Says NL

Been there many times to swim. I am going to try and bring a canoe up and try that this year. Always wanted to try and fish it but from other posts i guess there arent any fish. I was told years ago that there isnt fish because of acid rain?? Says Jim

Not a bad hike unless you are carrying two kegs and a beer
    pong table! Going up today for the weekend! Says Scoot and Nate

Easy hike, always passing people on the trail. Great photo ops along the way. Once you get to the lake take a swim or a jump from the rope swing. Water is crystal
clear, deep and cool. No fish but a lot of rocks to climb and things to explore. PLEASE KEEP IT CLEAN! If you bring it, in please take it out. Your TP too! Says Barb

You're not catching fish because there are none in the lake. The PH is too high which is why it's so clean and clear! Says Me

Love it there. Nice palce to camp out, have a few beers, swim, and just relax. My friends and I have one spot we always go to with a fire pit and a 6 or 7 foot
    rock to jump off in the water. I'm going to try fishing in it this year tho and see if there's anything good. Says Ben

Water is beautiful, most wonderful place to be if your in the fulton county region. Its amazing, clear blue
 water! Says Erin

Been there myself I am A local, short hike to cold clean water and what a party spot,Black flies and deer flys are bad this time of year (May). Always see many cars in the parking area so its a popular spot , I have fished this lake and never caught a damn thing. To anyone who checks this hot spot rather for your first time or 100th time remember you carry it in.... burn it or take it out, always was told by my grandfather that those
who leave trash will ruin it for others because new York state doesn't have a problem with closing free public place. I have seen it from time to time .. Says Jess

Awesome place to camp, bike (not for the inexperienced a little hard because of the rocks and roots. But if you're up for a challenge go for it). Hike. Nice place to swim so bring swim trunks (Warning it is spring fed, so it is really cold in the early months in April, and May) Says Chris

Been there several times and it's an enjoyable, short and easy walk. Our last visit there was somewhat ruined by a group of youngsters who felt they needed to bring their boom box with them as they sat on the shore communing with nature. Other than that - nice jaunt. Says Ron

Never been there...going there soon though. Says Thomas

l\Love it there, going today. :) Says Kamrin

Great spot for swimming in the summer. Clear waters, with many rocks and small cliffs to jump off, along with a rope swing! Its a heavily used area, made apparent by the large amount of garbage left around during the busy months, but all in all a good lake and definatley worth the short hike. Says Adirondack

Great place to hike and have a swim as a reward at the end. Be great if people take out what they bring in. Lots of stuff on the bottom of the crystal water. Sad to see how much has changed since being thier 20 years ago. Cliff was higher and less traveled. - Joycelyn

Went there today with my whole family! LOVED it and will go back again SOON! - Joelle


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