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Dixon Lake

 Well. I lived in the three story pink house on chestnut ridge rd.back in the late sixties ,and every Christmas the people of the surrounding lk. There were none on the east side of the lake at the time. Well we would collect our Christmas trees around fifty or so and dig them into the ice about forty ft apart and make two rows . Then we would all set a time and light em,, and we would skate , fish ,whatever the lines of trees ran from the n.west dock to the east..the
    clam bakes were held at the other lk..haven just up the stream that ran along my house..After the dam broke from lk haven the water flooded down into our house..What a flood..seems after that we sold the house to a fireman ,,and then
our course by accident the house burnt down ,,and I thought fireman were supposed to put out fires not start em .hello to all that still prevail on chestnut ridge. yea I also went to school with Henry Winkler.. And back then we used to trick or treat all the way down to route six..camp sycamore well I still have my green card with the red paper wonder if its still good..the camp was but a lake with a cottage or two..and a cool as heck dirt road..I went to Austin rd elem.my age now is forty nine, and holdin.. Says Allen Fabrizi



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