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Orange Pond

 Hi everyone,

I was there in the summer 1977 as a counselor from abroad (from Germany)! Now, after so many years, I read my diary again and the summer out there in the middle of nowhere was quite an experience for me. I remember Tony as well !

Best regards from Germany Says Potratz Elisabeth

I was at the Camp in '71 and '72, with my three siblings. It was a terrific place, with lots of great memories. Anyone recall GHP? :) Says Rick H

    my time at Camp Magpies. Wish I could find recent pictures. I'd give anything to own that property today! I was there in the late 60's Says Vivian

Also had many summers at Camp Magies from 1950 to 1956. Fond memories. Says
Gertie S

Hi saw article online recalled my time at Camp Magpies with Hans and Herta Moldauer the owners . Thanks, Tony S. Says Camp Counselor Tony from 75, 76-77

I went to Camp magies from 1956 - 1960 Says Jay (the twins)

Went there too in 75 and 77. Says CE

I learned how to swim in Orange Pond, cooled off on hot summer days in Orange Pond, canoed, rowed and fished there. The ingress, at the time, was from Camp Magpies, from which there was a wonderful view of Mount Cardigan over the Pond. Says Marj



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