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Dalewood Shore Lake

 Hello I use to live there 25-30 years ago. I really enjoy living there. I move to the city of meridian in 1984 and now I live in Colorado. I been back there only twice since I move to Colorado. Says Larry Wagner

I've lived at Dalewood for over 10 years. Never had any problems with drugs or security. The only problem I've seen is the alcohol abuse while boating, mostly by underage folks and the use of 4-wheelers by children - who do not observe any rules
    of the road. I wish security COULD ticket folks and put them in the ''Dalewood Jail''. Maybe that would lower our dues when those parents in denial had to pay up the get their babies out! Says Catherine

Dalewood is a nice place.
I have read on here that is has a ''drug'' problem. There are several hundred homes ranging from 2 bedroom single wide trailers to Million dollar homes. With that being said, all walks of life live at Dalewood. With all walks of life comes all kinds of people. I am sure there are some drug abusers that live in Dalewood much like there are in every other part of the county. There are also good hard working people that live there. I think it is unfair to characterize  
    it any other way but to say its a melting pot. With that being said I have enjoyed Dalewood. The only real problem I see is Alcohol use and boats. Other than this I have had no problems with anything. Beautiful out here. Says Bob

 is as good as anywhere you can be.If you don't like it here what are lookin for. If you want paradise get prepared and go to heaven but you're probably not gonna be happy anywhere. Says Marshall Joyner

Dalewood is a fantastic place. We have two properties there and have been spending much summer time there since 1965. Great fishing and water sports. Close to Meridian for dinner and Richard has a fantastic butcher dept in his store in Lauderdale if you
want great grilling stuff. We all love it. Says Ken

Says Some of these is disturbing because I am about to sign a year lease on one of the properties on the lake. I fell in love, at first site. We are moving from over-priced, cramped apartments and poor schools to what we hoped was a better place. Hope I was not wrong.

Another instance of rich bigots ruining an otherwise fantastic retreat. I use to own property in Dalewood, but with the rampent parties, useless gates and crime problems with some people living in the area, I sold it up and bought a summer place elsewhere. Beware if you actually choose to live here. I have pity on you. Says Guss

I grew up in Dalewood. And loved it there more the Miami. I recently came back to be severly disappointed! The lake has turned black from almost crystal clear. The sand has grass growing through it. The gates have taken away the ease of driving into the neighborhood. The drug issue has never been as bad as some people are saying. I would love to know how to go about restoring Dalewood...I miss it. Says Austin Dean Shier

I have lived at the Lake since 1971 and it has changed over the years..the gates have drove up the cost of dues not to mention the useless security. I love we have gates to keep the theives in Dalewood. Last year our finest security was drunk and flipped his car on the main road, of course dalewood fired him.. Says Chris

I've either had property or have had relatives that has had property in dalewood since 1973. Dalewood once was the best place in and around Lauderdale co to go but Have you been to the Dalewood Shore beach lately?? Under age drinking and who know what else is eveywhere but the newer class people that has moved into the community think nothing of it!! The rearranging of the gates are so inconvenient especially at the boat ramp where the gate have came down on my boat several times while wait for traffic to clear on the mail road! I know this is a total rant but the truth is the truth!! Says Cary

Dalewood used to have a reputation... back in the 80's. It's a great gated community now. It's a very safe place and the lake is great for water sports. Says Amanda

I think its absolutely beautiful here!!! And what are you people talking about with drugs??? I know nothing about drugs going on here and I've lived here for years!!! Says Casey

It is nice to live in a gated community. We have had no trouble with drugs or getting sick with swimming in the lakes. We do live on one of the smaller lakes and Dalewood does not take care of them at all!!! Security is ok but what are they actually going to do give you a ticket and if you don't pay it put you in the Dalewood Jail?!? My biggest thing is the lakes they don't take care of them, and why would we have to pay our money. Says Hope

I have lived here three years. My husband & I love it here, The people are great, we have the best neighbors in the world. We use the lake all the time, nothing is wrong with the water. We enjoy watching all the wildlife here. I don't know anything about drugs here, But your neighborhood is what you make it. Says Beverly

Dalewood is one of the finest places in the world to live. The people in the community are GREAT neighbors. Friendly and helpful. Security is GREAT. Lake water is safe and clean. Yeah, you could go somewhere else somewhat better (you think) where Federal and State taxes eats your lunch with fees and regulations. CAN'T BEAT DALEWOOD!!! Says GLEN

I have lived here 5 years without a problem. The water has tested OK since the sewer plant was installed. I have not been offered in drugs.There is security 24/7 and it is gated.I have not been bothered by anyone. I am not into the drug group. May 2008 Says Lizzie

Well, I think is a fine place to be. Says Ryan Lewis

I agree with amber!!! What it really is, is a gated drug community! Anything and everything can be found within those gates. It used to be a great place and now it has just gone bad. Says Britta ny

I have lived there for 3 years. and well the lake is ok but many ppl have clamied about getting sick after swimming in the lake and the neighborhood around dalewood has gone to the dumps Says Amber


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