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Pelican Lake

 Why all the dead fish on the bottom of the lake? Toxins? I call for an investigation. Says George M

I have fished this lake for 5 yrs. 5 yrs ago we used to be able to catch our limits of crappies and sonnies. and the crappies averaged prob just under 1/2 lb. I (just like Clint) have caught a 37 in 17lb northern on a wax worm. that was 2 years ago. this year I havnt caught a limit and sorting through small ones seems to be a everyday thing now. not saying
    they are not in there anymore. but the water level have changed dramatically in the last 2 yrs, so it could be I'm just not in the right spot anymore. Says Pat Z

Posted September 6, 2010 I'm for the fishermen and the hunters.
Although I've lived a mile from pelican lake my whole life I have never summer fished the lake. But that lake for ice fishing is where its at when it comes to big pan fish. I've seen and caught 13 inch crappies on this lake. I heard a story in the county paper of a guy from Buffalo, MN catching a 37 inch 17 pound northern pike from the lake.... On 4 pound test and a wax worm!!!! pretty amazing! The lake is pretty shallow it averages 5' to 6' feet and some wholes  
    being 10' to 17' its what I like to call a ''glorified pond'' . But it still produces big fish. Thousands of people and this is no joke! thousands of people come from all over the state and Wisconsin too ice fish here. So that being
 said the lake is awesome for ice fishing and during the spawning season. But I wouldn't summer fish it with a nice boat to many boats getting beat up by the shallow waters, stumps, rocks... etc. Its not worth wrecking boat over it. Save it for the ice!

But I also love too hunt and its too bad that the fishing and hunting have to cross paths in this situation. I've heard stories of them draining the lake to ''freeze it out'' to make it strictly a waterfoul
pond. I honestly think the lake produces more people that fish than it does people that hunt ducks and geese each year. But yet again I am a hunter and I could see it go either way. There's always gunna be good hunting and fishing spots. But the fishermen and waterfoul hunters should learn to co exist in this area where the hunting and fishing is one of the best. Says Clint W

REPLY TO JT....... This is a public lake (edited). I understand it's for duck hunting, but it does not mean we stop for you. We must survive as well, not just you. Call your ducks unlimited folks and get them to assign a designated area of the lake for ducks only, far from people and issues. (edited) WE'RE ALL TRYING TO MAKE IT TOO! Says Mike Becker

Fish this lake all spring and summer long. PLEASE *STOP* fishing this lake as of *October 1st*. after that it is meant for duck hunting. You can go fish one of the many other lakes in the area that have good fishing but are un-huntable! It is a DUCK HUNTING LAKE, it is not meant to be a fishing lake! Says JT

Pelican lake is a great location for panfish through the ice. The lake is suposidly slated to be drawn down to improve the waterfowl habitat in the next year or two. The sunnies and crappies are big and all over. The northern pike run pretty large as well as the largmouth bass. I have never summer fished the lake so I cant comment on that. The lake also supports a good waterfowl population and is a great early season (especially the youth hunt) duck hunting location. The lake is very big with lots of prime hunting spots and still plenty of resting areas for birds. The lake is a little treacherous bein big and shallow the waves can get big quick. There is also an ample supply of submerged dead heads and rocks to dent and tip your boat and eat your prop and lower unit. Be careful and you will have a good hunt. The lake is hunted very heavy so it pays to do some homework in setting your spread and learning to call well. The birds always seem to respond as long as you're better than the guys around you. Says Mark H.


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