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Thread Lake

 The large fish you saw jumpering out of the water were most likely carp. I swam in this lake as a youngster, and have seen massive carp when I was underwater. Says bellinger.richard@gmail.com

I have been fishing in thread lake for about 13 years.I have caught 27'' and smaller pike,13'' and smaller crappie,and alot of decent large mouth bass but it is mostly in the aerly spring with beetle spin bate good luck Says Anonymous

I've been told that thread
    lake is extremely deep and that in some spots they've never found the bottom of the lake. I cant count the number of lures, hooks and bobbers I've lost in that lake. I've only caught one or two tiny bluegill that weren't even worth
keeping. I've seen massive fish jump far out in the lake, but never caught any of them. I've not had very much luck with this particular lake, and neither has anyone else I know for that matter. I've not had one experience at that lake where I didn't lose something in it. Says XDC

Thread Lake is an extremely underused and abused area of Flint. It is underused because the lake hardly often sees any form of traffic on it's waters. It is abused in the sense
    that in the past, the neighborhood has used its waters and shores as a dumping area. Thread Lake is very shallow in areas and can sometimes be hard to navigate, so a shallow boat or canoe is highly recommended. The lake is host to
 a large variety of plant life, and has many small isolated islands of which wild iris flowers thrive. These are great places for fish to mate, particularly Carp. The fishing on the lake is often difficult, due to muddy water conditions, but you can find most game species in its waters. Says Shane


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