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Mousam Lake

 Oh how I remember Mousam Lake--my dad built a cottage there on what is (I think) 13th street. Back then (I'm 61 now) it was called Fairground Road, and was dirt once you got past the old fairgrounds. Everyone had Camp Names, and you would see wooden arrows all along the road pointing to the varius camps. Ours was ''Marene''. The first three letters of my name and the last three of my sister. I'm sill trying to find my ''old friends'' from those days with no success--Rich
    Clayton who was from Bricktown NJ, Sandy and Steve Brown from Springdale (Their Dad owned the TV Repair shop) and the Arsensaults (Don & Jerry) from Somersworth, NH. If anyone knows of these guys, I sure would appreciate an e-mail
(marysturm@iwon.com). I thought about renting at Meaders, but that is located right across from our old cottage and I don't know if I could stand it without walking up all those stairs and saying, ''Hey, I spent 16 summers here a long time ago''. Says Mary (Palmer) Sturm

Even though I'm still young, mousam lake holds some of the most precious childhood memories for me. Is amazing. The water is so nice, and the people are great. The action trading post
    is right on the water, with docks. You can pull up in the boat and go get gas, or go in the store. They have EVERYTHING. from food you can order, to sparklers, to candy, to hats. PS. their egg and cheese sandwiches are great!!! Mousam
 Lake is great. I love it. You should definetly go!! Theres a public boat launch, so you can bring your boat. On the fourth of July, theres fireworks, and lots of fun. Anywhere you go, you can smell cookouts, or campfires. A lot of people have campfires at night. There's also a public beach. Love Mousam. Says Nikks

This tremendous lake has 23 miles of shoreline and 863 acres of surface area.

Mousam Lake holds so many memories for me. We lived in Mass but almost every summer we went to Mousam Lake. My parents rented a cottage in different areas there. Once we were closer to the area of Emery Mills. Great fishing. This was about 1958. We would row the boat down to a pathway and go up to the postoffice at Emery Mills. There was a store there where we could buy groceries. We would peek in the windows of an old building and see antique cars. Other times dad would take us in the boat up to the other end of Mousam Lake, under the bridge, to Meters where we got gas and a chocolate covered ice cream. There would be mom, dad, my twin brother and our dog Timothy. We would ride as far as we could go and stop in a cove and eat lunch then go catch frogs or turtles or find a turtle egg. Mom screamed when we would let a frog loose in the boat. Especially when the boat was moving. We would go further under a road where we all had to duck down in the boat and dad would get us thru the pipe into an area of the lake that was all lily pads. We always had to pull up the motor so it wouldn't tangle in the weeds. Those were the best days. I live in NC now and have missed the days of New England, so, now I am 63 and my husband is 64 and we are in Maine for a week. We are planning on going next week and take our kayaks which we purchased last month, and go to the public boat launch. I hope to relive some childhood memories at Mousam Lake. I am enclosing a picture of my grandparents Addie and Wm True Ridley and my dad Laurence W Ridley about 1948 - Linda Ridley Thompson


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