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Chesuncook Lake

 We hunted the area staying at Bert McBernies Cabin for 25 years. Hunting in this area was difficult, but we shot large bucks. The night before we left we always ate at the Chasuncook House and Maggie's supper MMMM! The McBernies were famous for their hospitality unlike the people that bought the place. Says Stephen Williams

I spent summers at chesuncook village and the great northern camp where my dad Clyde farnham ran the boomhouse and cooked for the loggers.
    I was probably 7or8. I was born in 1947. It seems that the old camp is not there. We stayed in a camp near the northern part of the village very near the path through the woods to the boom house. I have many memories of those summers.
The native American loggers, the boom boat, the old wooden paddle wheel, the bears, fishing for perch among the boom, and the many times watching my Dad cook wonderful meals for the men. We lived in Shirley in those days. I am a State Representative in Illinois now but will forever find connection to Shirley Moosehead and Chesuncook. My cell phone is 8475149263 Says Keith Farnham

I worked the 1967 Drive for GNP CO at Chesuncook lake At this time I was one
    of the College Kids( I was from Boston) (which were half a dozen) working out of the Village. Will be glad to hear from the old timers at lyonwall@hotmail.com Says Bob Wall

I worked two summers for Great Northern Paper Company
 on Chesuncook Lake. 1967 and 68 were two of the last years the drive existed as it was replaced in the early 70's by truckers. Also worked at Ripogenus Dam sluicing pulp into the Millinocket River and followed the wood down toward Millinocket. Slept, ate in the Boom House. Winston Morse was our boss the first year and Bert McBernie the second. Nelson Lavasseur was the overall boss of the drive. Chesuncook then could at times be covered by pulp wood often being
towed down lake by the Edward Hilton a 70' tow boat that moved about 1/2 mile an hour under load. Says Jeff Pringle

Chesuncook Lake is a beautiful 39 square mile lake.

I was on the river drive, section one (Chesuncook) from 1965 to 1967, then I went to Ambejejus, then aboard the O. A. Harkness in 1970, then the US Navy for 25 years. I remember Winnie Morse, Phil Gaten, Guy Gaten (Strawboss)and of course ''Froggie Levasseur''. Harold Kidney shot a bear in Elsie's kitchen at the Ambejejus boomhouse. Hornpout Albert who used to drink the water below the mill as a ''tonic''. How the hell we jumped into that water up to our waists and worked all day is way beyond me. I remember a bunch of Boston College football players worked there and have some photos of a few of them. We had a ball.... Here's me in my boat May 1966. - Charlie Reynolds


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