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Locust Pond

  All the outdoors entertaining stuff near Locust Pond will keep you coming back again and again. Everyone likes an exciting tour to close by Blue Ribbon Shows, and Locust Hill is easy to spot from Locust Pond. Places like Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro State Forest are fine to pop by. You'll need more than a day to discover everything Locust Pond has to offer, you can camp at Tyngsboro Campground.
Whohoo, so much exciting stuff in one place! Locust Pond rules! Go on a spree
    to Lucky 7 Stables if you want to ride a horse, and if you're interested in hydro structures, you can have a look at Locust Pond Dam.

Locust Pond is a lake that was formed in 1954 by the creation of the Locust Pond Dam on Locust Brook, which flows from the Locust Pond to the larger Merrimack River. Locust Pond is considered a lake because Mass Regs (310 CMR 10.04) state that a lake is ?any open body of fresh water with a surface area of ten acres or more, and shall include great ponds. The site is bordered by Locust Avenue and light residential development to the northwest, and Route 3 to the southwest. The other half of the perimeter is bordered by dense development. The pond is mostly open water with no emergent marsh development. The upland is all forested. The habitat quality of this site is limited by the development surrounding it, however, it should provide at least transient habitat for aquatic mammals such as beaver, otter, and mink, and many of the upland mammals and migratory songbirds of forested habitats. - Col Tyng


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