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Lake Beatrice

 My grandparents lived in Fitzgerald. Me and my sisters and brother would take turns spending our summers in Fitzgerald, and one of my favorite memories was Lake Beatrice and stacking the black intertubes up in the pool and hiding inside. Great memories and fun was had at Lake Beatrice. I was just wondering if it was still around. Says Meggy Grantham Martin

I grew up in Fitzgerald. The Lake and Building is still there. I don't think the Skating Rink
    or Pools are still active. After Mr. Ely Vickers died it pretty much died as well. When I was very small. 4 or 5 years old, my dad and his brothers would pay Mr. Vickers 3$'s each and we would fish all night at the Spillway. We caught
a lot of Crappie, some were pretty large. We called them White Perch. Before my Dad died I ask him about it and he said some factory was dumping chemicals in streams that flowed into Batrice and ruined it. Dad also said that when he had the Spillway build the company used Asbestos in it and he could no afford to have the Asbestos removed. Pretty much killed our playground. Says Jimmy Ray Clemons

I remember going swimming at ''Lake Bee'' when I would
    visit relatives in Fitzgerald growing up in the 1970's. There were five different sized swimming pools and they were all full of huge black innertubes. They also had a couple of really high diving boards. Is that gone now? It was
 wonderful. Says Charles Thomas

Lake Bee will be missed. It was my all time favorite place to skate. It had the biggest rink around here. It was the happening place to be back in the 80's. I met my one true love there in 1987. I am up in age now and I still love to skate. Lake Bee will always be a part of my soul. Says Karen Smith


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