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Gator Lake

 Gator Lake is a deep, steep-walled, limestone sinkhole lake almost in the dead center of the Everglades. It is about 80 feet deep, with about 25 feet of peaty mud beneath that, over buried limestone rubble. It apparently formed by major collapse roughly 2500-3000 years ago. That must have been one exciting day in the Everglades! It is possible, though, that was merely the most recent collapse. The sediment record at the bottom has been studied by several
    scientific groups. The water is very organic stained and murky and is not a good diving spot, but scientific divers have reported some overhang in the walls in places though little of special interest (no caves, etc). A too-curious
large alligator named Moe inhabits the lake. Note: she has lunged at the feet of at least one person, probably confusing white sneakers for the marshmallows she has long been fed by a former regular camper nearby. Says Peter Stone



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