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Young America Lake

 Due to it's inaccessibility, Young American Lake is seldom visited. My wife and I climbed up to it in 1985, but it took about 6 1/2 hours of very strenuous climbing to do so. Lots of devil fish (stunted Brookies). My wife got one golden trout. It's a beautiful fish. I have been told that some people have ventured down from the road up above, but they must have had climbing gear to do it. I checked it out and it would be impossible to scramble down from up
    above. Says Jim

I fished this lake a couple of years ago, after a long hard hike through roocks and brush from Upper Sardine Lake, I found the lake FULL of stunted Brook trout, the Golden Trout may have all died out due to
someone planting these brookies into the lake, probably an air drop by a lost fish and game dept. airplane. The hike in and out feom below is miserable and hazardous, from the upper trail, it might be better. The photo here is from above. All in all it was a huge disappointment as far as the trout were concerned! Says Packsaddle Pete

Small glacial Lake or tarn. Rockbound; located on the north side and in the shadow of the Sierra Buttes in a spectacular
    setting. Frozen much of the year. Route in is cross country - no formal trail. Stocked with golden trout. Says C. Baker


- C. Baker


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