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Jackass Lakes

 Jackass Lakes is a very beautiful lake and the trail leading there is quite enjoyable. I have made two seperate trips to the Lower lake, but I've yet to continue on up to the higher lake. There are two different trails that I know of leading to these lakes. The first I hiked with my girlfriend JB, and the trailhead can be found right off of Beasore Rd. The marker for the trailhead is just off the road on your right. The trail begins just across the street from
    the marker. This particular trail is VERY challenging. Only suggested for hikers in good shape or really looking for a workout. The hike took up about 3+ hours one-way to complete, and the entire trek was done at a pretty steep incline.
Just when we had reached the lake a ranger informed us that nobody goes that way because it's too difficult...they use the OTHER trail. (great) So, the next trip I made I used this other trail, which is accessible by the Norris Creek trailhead. (This trailhead offers at least 3 different opportunities for hiking trails and destinations.) Using the Norris trail proved much easier and boasted classic forest beauty. Says Nathina Jordan


Went the ''difficult'' way with my family and I agree... do not stop at the Jackass Lake trailhead off of Beasore Rd unless you want a very challenging hike up +/- 2k in elevation change. Go further to Norris lake trailhead and hike up. Beyond the hike (both my 7 and 5 yr olds made it) the lake is nice and the views are awesome!!!! - Todd Sheller


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