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Herring Creek Reservoir

 Since 1963 I also have been visiting this lake, last BIG family outing back in 2007 had great time now ALL GONE Last visited July 2010 SAD situation NO ACCESS fishing all gone. Valve at dam is broken will not hold water any longer and no $$$ to fix thus no more times here that's for sure. Like one had said we spent countless hour, days here HUNTING-CAMPING-FISHING GREAT memory's all that's LEFT and fishing License WOW. Like many I'm off to other grounds now
    like Leavitt Lake Hwy 108,Relief RES and Lake Alpine etc Nothing down low supports all of this type of camping-fishing I'm no longer a hunter !!! Deer all gone also only hang around towns to avoid being shot !! JUSY NOT LIKE THE

I have been going to Herring Creek for 16 years at least once a year until last year. We planned our camping trip for mid June and we couldn't get in due to water levels. We ended up at Beardsley. The year before we went the first week in August and water levels were too low. My husband has been going to Herring Creek since he was a small child about 35 years. For the last 7 or 8 years it seems that the place was over run by
    campers with dirt bikes and ATV's who have done serious damage to the area. The main reason for all the road blocks. Several years ago some one decided that it would be a good idea to dump a large quantity of live bait into the reservoir
 these fish were not native and feed off of young trout as well as reproduce at an extreme rate with no natural predators to stop them, destroying the natural replacement of fish. When we were there in 2009 we talked to the Forest Service as well as many locals and were told that they were trying to get Herring Creek Reservoir back to a Natural state. They hopefully will continue to plant small amounts in the Creek at the bridge. With budget cuts I have no
clue If they will try to reopen Herring Creek the way they say but I have hope since it is a place that our family has loved for 4 generations (My husbands Grandparents, His Parents, Us, and now my oldest children have started to go by themselves with their friends as of about 4 years ago) I want Herring Creek to be there for my Grandchildren. Many people like us who have a family history of going there for generations have been emailing Fish and Game and the Forest service as well as contributing donations to help save Herring Creek. Says Nancy

This is very very sad. This was my family choice of campsite since I was born. I went last year and saw that the reservoir was drained. I nearly broke down when I saw a giant dried up dirt pit.... I hope one day they will return this place to its former glory. Says Andrew G.

This is also our favorite spot and were camping the weekend the Reservoir drained. Very sad. It seems if they cant make money, they don't want it open. There putting up permanent gates everywhere. Says Man camp

Sorry to say folks the forest service has almost given up on HERRING CREEK this highly liked camp-fishing area. I've personally been going up to this spot since 1963 watched it grow from a DIRT ROAD unimproved campground and now have seen it's decline. I was up there over the weekend 7-09-10 and was appalled to find that from my last visit back in 7-10-07 that even back then the campsites located by the res: were closed off and we were forced to use the next sites lower and farther from the RES: now they've closed off all but the entrance sites. NO FISHING since the plant truck would be unable to get to the drop site they've placed DOWNED TREES across the road no access for any one including the FISH PLANT TRUCK. Also removed the toilets VAULT houses that were in the upper campsites. I'm wondering I paid 41. 00 bucks for a fishing license and then unable to fish so where are the fish that were to be planted??? I called the SUMMIT RANGER STATION they had no input from the FISH & GAME as to when a plant may be done and that WATER RELEASE VALVE was broken and they have no funds to repair it. The Lake was Very-Very full and more water pouring in from the streams we walked in to verify and the RES is the highest I've ever seen it. In short were all paying more & getting less !!!!

Money being spent on GATES-SIGNS and cutting logs to block roads is not the ANSWER very frustrating
This is my all time favorite place by no longer makes one want to give up I would like to hear everyone's Opinion Says Stan Mac

As of this year Fish & Game wont be planting the rez... Oh well there'se always Pinecrest. Says SatGangster


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