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Eagle Lake

 Eagle Lake in Lassen County in northeastern CA does not have eels or lake trout. Only the Eagle Lake Trout (a subspecies of trout) exsists as the only game fish in Eagle Lake. Other fish species include Redside shiners, tui chub, Tahoe Suckers & speckled dace. Feed in the lake consists of tui chub and redside minnows (seasonal) leeches 3 species), freshwater shrimp, scuds,3 species of snails & two species of freshwater clams among various flies (including
    damsels, dragonflies and darners) hatching in summer including midges, caddis and mayflies. For more information on Eagle Lake go to www.eaglelakefishing.net. Great map there too. Also, the lake is around 25,000 surface acre feet
with over 100 miles of shoreline. Severe drought and other things have dropped the lake elevation to historic low levels dating back to the 1930 for 2010 season. If we don't get any water this winter or next we can expect to begin losing 2 out of three basins that make up Eagle Lake. Anyway, FYI. Valerie Aubrey, Publisher of Eagle Lake Fishing Information and Network where our famous Eagle Lake Fishing Report, Lake Conditions & Ramp conditions are always up  
    to date and free to the public at all times. Says Valerie Aubrey

This lake is a magnificent location for pontoon boating and fishing.
This lake is a beautiful 38 square mile lake.
Eagle Lake has a marina.
The waters of this lake encompass some magnificent trout, eel, lake trout and rainbow trout.



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